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Product Information
View Details for: The End Begins
Track listing
1. Regret
2. Down And Out
3. The One
4. Love Song
5. Wishing
6. Something Better
7. Lucky One
8. The End Begins
9. Monopoly
10. Why Don't You
11. Lay

A band that garnered a Platinum record (their self titled debut, featuring their #1 single “Breakdown”), a strong sophomore release (After We Go) on Maverick Records, and considerable critical acclaim saw members depart, their label change direction and the bottom drop out of their future. Not one to give up, vocalist (and remaining original member) Hugo Ferriera pressed on and turned it all around.

The End Beginstruly closes the door on what Tantricused to be and shows rock fans everywhere what can be done with talent, passion and a unique take on what modern Rock & Roll should sound like.”Every ending gives birth to a new beginning,” says vocalist Hugo Ferriera.

Now joining Ferriera is Kevin Miller (ex-FUEL) a “hard-hitting drummer… a human metronome” with experience on his side, Joe Pessia, an intricate, detailed player “really internalizes the guitar parts and puts this incredible spin on them,” Erik Leonhardt “a great bass player AND a great singer, he makes the harmonies in the songs pop,” and a most unusual addition, “the wild card,” classically trained violin player, Marcus Ratzenboeck. “The violin is specifically written for on this album. It’s not just put on top of the music,” says Pessia. “We are treating his violin like a guitar,” Ferriera adds. The differences one experiences in the ‘new’ Tantric is, in large part, to the varied influences and personalities in the band. “The relationships within the band make the music what it is,” Miller explains. “Erik is into the heavy side of rock, Kevin has seen and done a lot in his previous projects, Marcus plays with orchestras… all this diverse input colors what Hugo does too because its fresh perspective on his process,” adds Pessia.

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