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Product Description

B112-002-R Feature Focus
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Turn your home or office PC into a versatile, multi-faceted workstation with Tripp Lite's B112-002-R VGA/SVGA switch. The B112-002-R allows you to switch between two PCs with different operating systems, data or specifications using a single monitor or connect two monitors to one computer for the convenience of extra digital workspace. With the easy-to-use, front-panel buttons, toggling between computers or monitors is convenient and instantaneous, while the all-metal casing ensures the unit's durability. The B112-002-R is completely plug-and-play, with no drivers or software to download or install and no external AC power to supply. Simply plug your equipment into the desired configuration and turn your PC into a do-it-all workstation. For added peace of mind, the B112-002-R comes with limited lifetime warranty.
B112-002-R Technical Details:
  • Ideal for home or office workstations requiring multiple monitors or computers
  • Connect two computers to one monitor or two monitors to one computer via 3 HD15F ports—all with crystal-clear, 1600 x 1280 resolutions
  • Plug-and-play—no drivers, software or external AC power required
  • All-metal case for durability and component protection
  • Convenient front-panel buttons easily switch between sources or outputs
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Turn Your Home or Office PC into a Multi-Faceted Workstation
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Versatile Configuration Options
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Turn Your Home or Office PC into a Multi-Faceted Workstation
The B112-002-R lets you create a custom PC and monitor configuration to get the most out of your home or office computer. Use two computers with completely different operating systems or specifications with only one monitor, or connect two monitors to one computer for added workspace and the ability to keep two completely separate workflows. With an attractive and compact design, the B112-002-R is sure to be a long-term fixture on your desktop, while the convenient front-panel buttons and plug-and-play operation make utilizing the switch fast, easy and seamless.

Versatile Configuration Options
Whether you want to connect two PCs to a single monitor or two monitors to a single PC, the B112-002-R can accommodate your personal configuration. With three built-in HD15F VGA ports, the B112-002-R can accept both one input, two output and two input, one output configurations. The B112-002-R supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1280 for crystal-clear VGA/SVGA video no matter how many PCs or monitors are in use. For optimal performance, use Tripp Lite VGA/SVGA cables like the P502-006.

Plug-and-Play Convenience
With the B112-002-R, there are no drivers or software to download or install and no power supply that needs to be connected. The unit is completely plug-and-play out of the box. This makes the B112-002-R compatible with all operating systems and equipment that support VGA/SVGA output and monitors that support VGA/SVGA input.

Durable, All-Metal Case for Long-Term Functionality
The B112-002-R is built with in all-metal housing to ensure long-term usability and a durable product. The metal housing stands up to and beyond the rigors of everyday use in an office environment and is guaranteed to be free from defects for life. It is also fully shielded for maximum EMI/RFI protection and superior signal quality. Anti-skid feet are attached to the bottom of the housing to prevent unwanted or accidental movement.

Convenient, Front-Panel Buttons
The B112-002-R's buttons are built right into the front of the housing, allowing for easy use when placed on a desktop. The buttons toggle between video sources or outputs, depending on the configuration, and they are clearly labeled for convenience.


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