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With more than 18 million satisfied customers worldwide, Tripp Lite's Isobar® is the world's number-one selling premium surge suppressor... The ISOBAR4ULTRA provides 3330 joules of surge protection for connected equipment. (More joules = more protection.) Tripp Lite's exclusive Isobar surge suppression technology, combined with a nearly indestructible metal case, stops even the strongest surges before they can damage or destroy sensitive equipment. The ISOBAR4ULTRA also features unique isolated filter banks that block disruptive EMI/RFI line noise interference and prevent mutual interference between connected components. These premium features make the ISOBAR4ULTRA ideal for a wide range of applications, from data centers to desktop computer systems.

The ISOBAR4ULTRA provides 4 AC outlets arranged in 4 isolated filter banks (2 per bank). Outlets are widely spaced to accommodate up to 2 large transformers without blocking remaining outlets. Diagnostic LEDs confirm power availability, line fault and surge protection status at a glance. The ISOBAR4ULTRA features a 6-ft. foot power cord with space-saving right-angle plug, keyhole mounting tabs and a set of 4 covers to safeguard unused outlets. The ISOBAR4ULTRA comes with $50,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA/Canada only) and a lifetime manufacturer's product warranty.


Technical Details

ISOBAR4ULTRA Feature Focus
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  • Ideal for home or office PCs, home theater components and many more (Learn more)
  • 4 outlets with an ultimate protection, 3330-joule surge suppression rating (Learn more)
  • Exclusive isolated filter banks eliminate EMI/RFI line noise interference (Learn more)
  • Indestructible all-metal case won't crack, burn or melt with diagnostic LEDs (Learn more)
  • Versatile installation options allow for a wide array of uses (Learn more)
  • $50,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance; lifetime product warranty (Learn more)

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Ideal for Home or Office PCs and Peripherals
With 4 outlets, premium surge suppression, isolated filter banks with line noise filtering technology and a rugged, all-metal case, the ISOBAR4ULTRA is an ideal way to protect PCs, peripherals and home theater components from damaging surges. The ISOBAR4ULTRA helps electronics perform better for longer by eliminating the daily power problems that eventually break down electronic components.

Ideal for Home or Office PCs and Peripherals
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Powerful Surge Protection and Performance Enhancement

Powerful Surge Protection and Performance Enhancement
More joules mean more protection! The ISOBAR4ULTRA's 3,330-joule surge suppression rating, Isobar surge protection technology and rugged all-metal housing shield connected equipment from even the strongest surges. EMI/RFI line noise filtering helps components perform at their peak. Line noise filtering eliminates performance problems that can be caused by radio transmissions, fluorescent lighting and appliances, while promoting longer component life spans.

Exclusive Isolated Filter Banks
Devices connected to the same surge suppressor can interfere with one another's performance—for instance when household appliances (blenders, refrigerators, fans) degrade TV picture and sound quality. The Isobar is the only surge suppressor with internal barriers (called isolated filter banks) that prevent disruptive line noise from causing A/V distortion, computer lock-ups, data errors and similar problems. Isolated filter banks ensure that peripheral devices and appliances don't degrade the performance of computers and sensitive A/V components.

Exclusive Isolated Filter Banks
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