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Join Rakuten and receive 3,000 Membership Rewards® points.*
To earn this bonus, make qualifying purchases totaling $25 or more within 90 days of becoming a new member.
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How do you earn Membership Rewards points?

Start at Rakuten to shop at the stores of your choice.
Shop like you usually do.
Earn points on qualifying purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link my Membership Rewards® program account to a Rakuten account?

How can I earn Membership Rewards points on Rakuten?

  • Shop: Start shopping with Rakuten. Find the store you want to shop on Rakuten and click the “Shop Now” link.
  • Validate: When you click on a “Shop Now” link, you’ll see a confirmation letting you know you’re ready to shop at that store.
  • Purchase: Place your order as you normally would.
  • 1% Cash Back is equal to 1 additional point for every $1 spent through Rakuten. Once the store lets Rakuten know you’ve made a purchase, Rakuten will add the Membership Rewards points you earned (that are additional to the points earned normally on the Card) to your Rakuten account. Afterwards, Rakuten will send you an email confirmation which, depending on the store, can take a few hours to several days. Rakuten will transfer the points in your Rakuten account to your Membership Rewards program account in accordance with Rakuten’ current payment schedule.

What’s unique about this new program?

How often are points transferred to my Membership Rewards program account?

Is there a minimum point balance needed in my Rakuten account in order for points to be transferred to my Membership Rewards program account?

How do I know if my American Express Card is eligible to participate?

How can I check the Membership Rewards point balance in my Rakuten account?

When will the points transferred by Rakuten appear in my linked Membership Rewards program account?

Why have points transferred from my Rakuten account not been added to my Membership Rewards program account?

Who do I contact for questions about my Rakuten account or my Membership Rewards program account?

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