$10 and Under Kids’ Christmas Gifts They’ll Love

Perhaps you’ve already secured the bag on some of your kids’ most wanted toys, but you need a few more gifts to round out the season that will be appreciated, used and don’t equate to your entire savings. Did someone say cheap Christmas gifts for kids? We’re talking $10 or less. More than that, I find that my kids love presents they weren’t expecting or asked for specifically, and don’t we all like to be surprised? I just wouldn’t be surprised if there were some winners in this list that your kids will enjoy more than anything else they get. Santa is not nearly as resourceful as you.

Classic Toys

Let's Go Fishin' Game

There’s a good reason that this game has been around since I was a child with almost no changes. My five year old is happy to play this game all by himself, but his older siblings can’t resist. 

The Original Slinky

You can’t get more basic but what is it about this mesmerizing toy? I still can’t help picking one up when I find one.

Connect 4

This is one of those games that you can spend hours playing. It’ll be fun watching your little ones get the hang of this, and maybe (hopefully) they’ll beat you in a game or two.

Keeping Them Busy

Scissor Skills Activity Pad and Tape Activity Book Bundle

You know how your small children just love to find destructive ways to use up your tape and scissors? I feel like I have to hover around at all times when my children have these items out. These amazing skill builder books from Melissa & Doug are super helpful in teaching kids skills in a fun way, and they’ll experience success. (Pro tip: There’s a slew of under $10 items from this store.)

LEGO Bricks and Ideas

Truth be told, my kids are more likely to play with small lego sets than the big fancy ones. They like to make a big set, but then it just sits here until someone knocks it over. This set is perfect for building and then actually playing with, and I also love accessory sets like this one for food for sparking creativity. My kids will actually build items around the accessory sets, just so they can have a reason to use some miniature lego food.

Crystal Tree

I think that crystal gifts are supposed to be about learning science, but I just genuinely love watching the process. I have a kid who is obsessed with rocks and gems, and this present is about to become their pride and joy.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

With all the toys in the house, it’s usually my flashlights that need the most battery changes. Kids love to play with flashlights, and this one will be well-used with it’s colored lights. This is perfect for a blanket fort, not just at night time.

Skullcandy Jib Wired Earbuds with Microphone

Basic headphones that your kid really needs to listen to their favorite music or tune into their online classes. Either way, you can’t go wrong with headphones that are easy to carry around and get the job done.

DOTS Bracelet

These DIY bracelets make it easy for your kids to create something they can proudly wear. Each one will be unique to their style, and you can even get extra DOTS for even more customization. P.S. Both the bracelet and the extra DOTS come in at under $10!


Quiet Time

A Whole New World Mad Beauty Sheet Face Mask

Your little princess is due for pampering. They love to feel grown up with a face mask made just for them.

Brentwood Mermaid Sequin Throw Pillow

This is the exact right size for nap time for your little one.

Simpl Dimpl

Your little princess is due for pampering. They love to feel grown up with a face mask made just for them.

Woody Disney Parks Wishables Plush

This is the exact right size for nap time for your little one.

Fun for Everyone

Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids

There are more than a few editions of these books, and even if they might make you roll your eyes, the best gift you can give a kid is full permission to tell you the jokes they know.

UNO Junior

Technically this also belongs in the classic section, but this is a game that holds up. This UNO is simplified for younger players, but it also has multiple levels of play so kids can grow with the game and the whole family can join in. If you prefer, here is the classic UNO we know and love.

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Mariko is a high school English teacher who has three children, illegible handwriting and an obsession with mail-order artisan ice cream. She lives in Hawaii, but she makes a point to eat her way through big cities as often as she can.

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