10 Best Learning Apps for Kids

10 Best Learning Apps for KidsEveryone’s eyes are glued to a phone or a tablet these days – and for your kid, this can actually be a good thing. By downloading one or all of these top ten educational apps for children, you can make sure your kid is doing more than having fun on their device – they could be learning and advancing their knowledge.

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds has a reputation for giving adults a distraction from work, but in all actuality, it has something to offer kids of all ages. Whether you have a five-year-old or a teen, getting them to launch these colorful little birds at pigs teaches about physics so effectively it’s hard to believe it’s fun.

2. Elmo Loves 123s

For the little ones, there’s no one better to teach them the essentials than Elmo. This friendly app gives your child all the fun of Sesame Street videos and takes it to a more interactive level with coloring and puzzles. With bright colors teaching your child to recognize and name numbers 1 through 20, it upgrades according to their level to teach them addition and subtraction, rewarding them with prizes.

3. Pixie

Sometimes book reports just aren’t fun. For younger children who find it more difficult to get engaged – or who simply aren’t strong writers – Pixie makes it possible for kids to embrace all of their creativity and strengths. This app (available in the App Store with coupons from Ebates) allows kids to record their voice, add text, and include paintings in their book report, as well as other projects. So if your child is more skilled in colors than they are in words, they can still add their own unique and fun touch to their work.

4. School Zone Time, Money & Fractions On-Track

A next step up on the learning ladder, School Zone Time, Money & Fractions On-Track (available on iTunes with coupons from Ebates) gives your older children more age-appropriate information without skimping on color, activity, sound, or fun. With unique and friendly characters teaching about different coins, math, and how to read a clock, the more your child plays this game, the faster they’ll be able to recount these facts, with upgradable levels to keep them moving forward.

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5. Cookie Monster’s Challenge

Every kid needs to know the Cookie Monster, and with this app, he’s here to teach the opposite of what he’s good at – how to stay focused, how to manage your impulses, and how to follow outside instructions. With the ultimate reward of a cookie machine, your child will be encouraged to progress through all the mini games and continue learning.

6. Minecraft for iPhone

While adult YouTube stars made it particularly famous, Minecraft (available on iTunes with coupons from Ebates) teaches children of all ages about architecture, proportions, problem solving, and, at the very core, encourages creativity. Your child will learn creative solutions for the surprises the game throws at them, and will be encouraged to broaden their imagination to make their creations look more interesting and accurate to real life.

 7. Habitat the Game

Teaching about animals and the environment, this app allows your child to adopt a friendly polar bear. With fun sounds and bright colors, they’ll learn about responsibility as they care for the creature, as well as about energy and water conservation.

8. Fish School HD

The modern and more educational version of Red Fish, Blue fish, this app helps your child to learn their number and letters, identify and arrange shapes, and sort and remember colors, all while interacting with a cast of bright and friendly underwater creatures.

Dexteria Dots Learning Apps

9. Dexteria Dots 2

Hand-eye coordination and more advanced math is important, and Dexteria Dots 2 serves as the perfect introduction, with vibrant colors and engaging activity on the screen to keep children captivated as they learn. It’s played as your child evaluates the numbers on the screen – represented by the dots – and then adjusts and divides them to solve a problem.

10. Stack the States

Combining the fun of puzzles with an educational map of the United States, your child will learn more about the shape of the country, the capitals, and the location of each state with this colorful app. With each state characterized by a quirky personality, the more accurate matches your child makes as they piece together the map, the faster they’ll progress to newer, more exciting levels with special bonus rounds.

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