10 Halloween Pet Costumes That Are Next Level Cuteness

White cat in a witch hat with purple backdrop

We all know how hard group Halloween costumes can be to plan. But when the dynamic duo is just you and your furry friend, the possibilities are endless! Find the perfect pet costumes from pop-culture to just plain cute, all with Cash Back at Ebates. Don’t forget to get the best deal with a pet Halloween costumes promo code.

Ghostbuster Jumpsuit Costume, $20.96

Ghostbuster Jumpsuit Pet Halloween Costume

This one might just take the cake when it comes to relevant doggy Halloween costumes, especially if your pooch is a girl. Because, let’s face it, girl Ghostbusters was the highlight of the year.

Lady Dogga Costume, $13.96

Lady Dogga Dog Animal Planet Pet Halloween Costume

You’ll have to fight off those pupparazzi all night long because she’ll be looking too fly for words in this complete Gaga look.

Queen of Bones Dog Costume, $12.60

California Costumes Queen of Bones Dog Costume

We know your pup really is the queen of the castle so it’s only fitting to get her a costume that reflects her regal nature.

Raptor Pet Costume, $23.96

Raptor Dinosaur Dog Animal Planet Pet Halloween Costume

This may be one of the best Halloween costumes for small dogs. Just for one day, let little Pebbles feel ferocious!

Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume, $19.19

Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Dog Halloween Costume

Even dogs have a Dark Side. May the Force be with Fido this Halloween with a Darth Vader costume from Toys R Us.

Freddy Krueger Dog Costume, $25.94

Freddy Krueger Dog Costume

Spike gets the “cute” treatment every day. Let Halloween be a chance for him to get spooky with this (still totally adorable) Freddy Krueger dog costume.

Dumb And Dumber Harry Dunne Dog Costume, $23.86

Dumb And Dumber Harry Dunne Dog Costume, $23.86

Now we’re not calling your dog dumb or anything, so don’t take this the wrong way. Maybe he is just a fan of fine cinema featuring Jim Carrey.

Star Wars At-At Imperial Walker Costume, $29.87

Funny Star Wars At-at Imperial Walker Dog Costume

If you’re looking for large dog costumes, look no further! This Star Wars At-At will celebrate his size in style.

Mermaid Cat Costume, $48

Mermaid Cat Costume

And let’s not forget the kitties. If you have a feisty feline companion with a penchant for pastels, this sparkly mermaid pet costume is a must.

Thrills & Chills Spider Costume, $4.97

Thrills & Chills™ Pet Halloween Spider Costume

While cats and dogs can enjoy many costume options, our tiny floofs have a few super cute options like this spider costume for guinea pigs (or even tea cup pups) from PetSmart.

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