10 Organization Tips for Teeny Tiny Dorm Rooms

Student studying on laptop in college dorm room

It’s back-to-school season and students everywhere are busy packing and getting ready to move into their new dorm rooms. Everyone knows that while living in the dorms can be a ton of fun, extra space is hard to come by so you’ll need to get creative with both your storage and organization ideas. Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or returning for another year, check out this list of awesome organizational tips and tricks to help you get your room set up in style and comfort in no time. Be sure to activate Cash Back at Ebates for those organizational essentials that you’ll need to pick up to ensure that you’ll still have some pocket money left come moving day!

Tip # 1: Get Your Room Measurements & Dorm Rules Ahead of Time

If you can get the approximate dimensions for your room or visit a sample dorm room on campus before your move-in date, you can start planning out your dorm room early. Even a rough estimate of the space and a list of the rules will let you know how much to pack, whether you’re allowed to bring things like a mini-fridge or a microwave and will help you start brainstorming dorm room ideas and dorm décor.

Tip # 2: Pack Your Items in Organizers

Once you figure out how much space you have to work with in your dorm room, you should organize your stuff into bins as you pack. The dorm will probably provide a dresser and a desk but all your other odds and ends will need a dedicated spot. Prepping your storage ideas ahead of time is also a great way to hit the ground running and get unpacked quickly when you get to campus. Get all the bins and storage solutions you’ll need online at The Container Store and keep an eye out for a storage bin promo code.

Woman descripting boxesTip # 3: Label Your Boxes

Don’t forget to label your boxes as you pack, especially for the bins that you’ll be using as a part of your ongoing storage system at school. This will help you unpack the essentials first, maintain the organizational system you’ve already set up and quickly get to hanging out with your new friends.

Tip # 4: Vertical Storage is Your Friend

When it comes to keeping your dorm room organized and tidy, don’t forget about going vertical! The ceiling is the limit when it comes to stacking handy storage cubes and other vertical storage options like tall shelves or over-the-door hanging pantry racks. Just make sure your storage cubes and shelves are not at risk for tipping over!

Hanging shoe organizerTip # 5: Optimize Your Closet Space

Get the most out of your dorm room closet space with the help of useful hanging racks and organizers. Whether you add a hanging shoe rack like the one above from Macy’s or some hanging drawers, you won’t regret the extra space it frees up. Pack seasonal stuff in a designated box to pull out when you need it to help keep clutter out of your closet organization system.

Tip # 6: Invest in a Shower Caddy

Keep your bathroom supplies tidy with a water-draining shower caddy that you can easily carry in and out of what will likely be a shared dorm bathroom. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great selection of dorm-ready bathroom caddies online that come without a hefty price tag.

Tip # 7: Prep Your Desk for Success

Gather all the school supplies plus the important organizational tools, trays and accessories you’ll need to make it to the top of your class. Pack these supplies in their own dedicated and labeled box to help you find them easily when you arrive on campus. Start shopping early and keep an eye out for an awesome back to school promo code online at Dollar General to get the most bang for your buck.

Whiteboard wall calendarTip # 8: Get a Whiteboard With a Calendar

Help yourself and your roommate stay organized with a white board with a calendar to keep track of your social events, room cleaning to-dos and your shared shopping list. Pick one up at RoomMates Decor, add in a pack of colored dry erase markers and you’re good to go!

Tip # 9: Make Use of Space Under Your Bed

With the limited space available in your dorm room, help keep the floors and surfaces clear by making use of the valuable space under your bed. There’s ample space under your bed to store your extra dorm bedding, seasonal apparel or other things that are most often tucked away. If your beds are bunked, divvy up the space under the beds with your roommate and consider getting some drawer-style under bed organization to help keep your stuff separate and organized.

Tip # 10: Keep Things Tidy With a Housekeeping Caddy

Keep all your housekeeping items in one place so you can freshen up your dorm room in a flash. With a dedicated place for cleaning sprays, you and your roommate can easily spruce up your room for any impromptu social gatherings in your awesome dorm room.

What are your favorite ways to keep your dorm room organized? Share your best tips in the comments below!



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