10 Thoughts on Hosting a 4th of July Party (In GIFs)

woman smiling in front of an american flag

So you’re gonna go for it this year. You’re going to throw a 4th of July party and invite friends, family, coworkers, kids, basically a boat-load of people to your home to enjoy good eats and good times. You might even arrange an amateur fireworks show to top off the evening. It’s going to be great!

You’re ready to party like a patriot.

First, you tackle that long-overdue barbecue pit project. 

With a little help, you get it done. Now to plan the menu and panic as you realize you invited vegetarians and vegans. What happens to tofu when it hits the grill?

You just want to make sure no one gets hangry on you. That is never pretty. 

Then you remembered you invited your spinster aunt and consider making this a spirit-free occasion.

In fact, there are a few people on your guest list who are likely to get a little rowdy in…creative ways.

Also, does drinking and fireworks ever mix? Hopefully nothing like this happens…

Or worse, this…

And what about all those babies you invited? Do babies like fireworks?!

On second thought, maybe you’ll just watch fireworks on TV alone. That sounds fun. And safe.


Happy 4th of July everyone!



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