5 House-Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time (and Your Sanity)

I hate spending more time than I have to cleaning up my house. Because of this, I’ve developed a few cleaning hacks over the years to make my household chores pain-free. Whether you’re preparing for spring cleaning or you simply want to save some time, these tips will help you tackle your house-cleaning tasks with ease.

Consolidate Your Cleaning Products

There seems to be a cleaning product for just about every situation these days, but you can go a long way with just a few of them in your arsenal. If I had to pick just one product, it’d be Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Rose Pure-Castile Soap. When they say 18-in-1, they’re not lying — in fact, they’re being modest, because this stuff has way more than 18 uses. I use it on nearly every surface in my home, and I’ve even used it to take care of box-elder bugs in spring and fall.

Spray and Soak

A good cleaning routine is all about time management. I like to hit all the bathrooms first with a spray-down. Then, I’ll head to the kitchen and get dishes or pans soaking that have stuck-on food and grease. While the cleaning products are working their magic, I’ll tackle other tasks like vacuuming and starting a load of laundry. By the time I’m finished with those, the rooms I first visited will be ready for a quick wipe-down and some final touches. And that’s bathroom-cleaning hack 101.


Establish a “Toss It” Bin

I like to put a laundry basket on the main floor and use it as a central collection site for decluttering. Junk mail, random pieces of fuzz or debris, papers and anything else that needs to go will be tossed in the basket as I make my way around the house. Since I can literally toss things in as I walk by without having to think (or open the trash can), it shaves some serious minutes off my cleaning time. When I’m finished cleaning the rest of the house, I usually have a half-full garbage bag to work with. That’s where I dump the contents of the basket and call it a day.

Create a Cleaning Caddy

If you must have multiple products (I don’t judge), a cleaning caddy is where it’s at. Think of it as a first aid kit for your cleaning supplies. I store mine under the kitchen sink so it’s readily available. It usually has a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, a few sponges, steel wool, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and more. Having everything in one place saves you from having to spend time tracking down all of your essentials. And it’s just easy to carry from room to room.

Stock Up on Citrus

I use the microwave quite a bit in my house, and the quickest way to clean it is with a lemon. Slice it in half and place it in a microwave-safe bowl full of water. Set the microwave to three minutes on high and wait. Be very careful when you open it, as there will be some steam and the water will be hot. The oils from the lemon and the steam will loosen built-up crud inside your microwave and make your cleaning job a breeze.

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