6 Easy Ways to Save Big on Going to the Movies

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It’s only February and there are already a ton of fabulous films out there in this year’s spring lineup. Whether you’re into lighthearted romantic comedies, superhero flicks or even scream-inducing horror movies, theaters are packed right now with star-studded titles that are just waiting for you. While this is exciting news for any movie buff, if your bank account has you trying to pick and choose which ones you’ll be able to see, you may be singing the budget blues rather than movie theme songs. Don’t start singing your sad tune just yet, we’ve got some good news for you! There are a bunch of super easy ways to save money when it comes to buying movie tickets, including finding an exclusive promo code on Ebates so you can get your tickets for less. Here are some fabulous insider tips that will help you find great deals so you can pick out movie dates for months to come. Check out these tips and get going to the movies and earn Cash Back at Ebates!

Funny Movie in Theater1. Cash in on Matinees and Saver Days at Your Theater

Have a flexible schedule or some time off midweek? If you’re searching for savings, midweek is the perfect time to catch a great deal on that movie you have been waiting to see. Can’t do midweek? You can get a great deal on weekend matinees, too! Most movie theaters offer special discount pricing for weekend matinees or movies playing during the day, Monday through Friday. The real bonus is that the theater will probably be free from rowdy kids and crowds so you won’t have to fight to find a great seat. You can just kick back and relax in peace while you enjoy your popcorn and movie!

2. Wait to Watch and Catch a Late Run Show

While it’s fun to catch a movie during its opening night or even during the first week, it usually also means that you are going to get caught in a line with the throngs of folks that also have the same great idea. While some folks may live for the midnight showings of the latest blockbuster, if you can wait a couple weeks to catch a screening, there’s a good chance you’ll save a few bucks. Aside from avoiding the crowd, waiting to see new movies can mean serious savings for your entertainment budget. Many theaters offer awesome discount movie tickets several weeks after the movie first premieres. Waiting also means that you can find out which movies get the best box office and critic reviews before you spend your money to see them. Win-win!

Buying Movie Tickets3. Skip the Shows With Extra Frills and Avoid Added Costs

Going to a movie in IMAX or 3D can be fun, but it will almost certainly mean paying extra to watch a movie. If you are willing to forego the fancy viewing experience, it can mean some major savings for you and your movie budget. Skipping out on the IMAX and 3D options is also a great choice if your family has young children that struggle with keeping the special 3D glasses on for the entire show.

4. Sign up for Theater Loyalty Programs

If you absolutely love movies, you’re in for a treat when you sign up for movie theater company loyalty programs. Big theater chains like AMC and Cinemark have awesome loyalty programs that will give you rewards points for every movie ticket purchase. If you live in an area with only a couple theaters or there is one special theater that you go to every time, loyalty program rewards will add up faster than you can believe. Cash your rewards in for awesome benefits like movie coupon codes for free tickets. Some programs even offer free upgrades at the concession stand on popcorn and fountain drinks.

Movie Theater5. Cash in on Price Club Discounts or Buy in Bulk

Did you know that if you’re a member of a shopping club like Costco or Sam’s Club, you can get great deals on discount movie tickets? It’s true! Big discount clubs will often have bundles of movie theater gift cards or discount tickets available at a fantastic price. Even if you’re not a member of a discount club, you can still get a great price on movie tickets for the whole gang when you buy in bulk. Check online or talk to your local theater to find out just how much you can save when you buy movie tickets in bulk.

6. Double Check for Specialty Discounts

If you’re a student, a senior citizen or a member of the military, then this tip is for you! Before you book your tickets, double check to see if your favorite theater offers discount movie tickets for these groups. Even if the movie ticket price only gets reduced a dollar or so, after about a dozen movies, you’ll have saved enough for a full ticket. Just don’t forget to have your ID ready when you head to the theater!

Now that you have our handy guide for saving a little extra on your entertainment budget, which movie will you and your friends go see first?



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