7 Products to Get a Jump-Start on Your Outdoor Garden

Now that the sun is shining a bit longer and the weather is getting a bit warmer, it may be time to start the outdoor garden you’ve been talking about for months. Whether you want a garden to create a wonderful aesthetic for your home or you’re going to begin growing veggies, you’ll need useful supplies to get you started with confidence. Thankfully, you can find everything you’ll need through Rakuten and earn some sweet Cash Back while you shop.


Once you’ve bought high-quality soil from your local gardening center, you’ll need a new wheelbarrow to move it around your garden with efficiency. With the ability to carry hundreds of pounds, a wheelbarrow will make gardening so much easier and enjoyable — and your back will certainly thank you.


This one’s a no-brainer. While working in the garden, your hands will be susceptible to blisters and scrapes from gripping gardening tools and pulling weeds. Don’t let it discourage you when all you need is gloves to protect your hands from all your gardening tasks. A new pair of gloves will leave you with blistered tomatoes fresh from your garden instead of blistered hands.

Garden Spade

Because of their sharp edges, spades are excellent for digging holes and edging your garden bed. They come with either long or short handles. Longer handles provide more leverage for digging, but they tend to be quite heavy and can get exhausting after a lot of use.

Garden Hoe

A garden hoe is essential. They’re used to prepare and till the soil, and their sharp edges will help you get rid of pesky weeds. You’ll want one that’s both sturdy and comfortable to hold and use.

Garden Rake

A rake comes in handy when leaves and other debris inevitably land in your garden. With a sturdy rake, you can easily whisk away anything unwanted and keep your new garden thriving. They’re especially useful if you plan to grow a vegetable garden, since heavy layers of leaves can slow down seeds’ ability to germinate.

Garden Trowel

You’ll need a trowel for everyday gardening tasks. They’re used to break up clumps of soil, dig small holes, and transfer plants to pots. Because of their small size and sharp edges, they’re incredibly efficient at getting through small areas of soil.

Watering Wand

A watering can may look cute, but it’s incredibly inconvenient to repeatedly fill it with water and carry it from your hose to the garden. Your best bet is to invest in a watering wand that can attach to your hose. They’re useful for hard-to-reach areas and pots thanks to their extended reach.


With these items, you’ll be completely prepared to get your garden going this season. We have many months of sunshine and warmth coming up, so time is on your side. Happy shopping!

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