8 Ways to Get In Tip-Top Shape for Your Wedding

Tips on How to Stay Tip Top for Major Wedding Events

You’ve been planning for months, but now that your wedding date is approaching, the pressure of having all eyes on you is really starting to sink in. The best method of attack is to commit to a fitness and wellness plan well before you say, “I do.” Below are eight tips to help you be your physical and mental best for your wedding.

Plan in Advance

Although it’s tempting to freak out and fall prey to crash diets, experts advise starting early. Keep a morning journal to track your progress. What are your specific goals for how you’d like to feel and look? What types of exercise do you enjoy? Writing down your plan will help you feel a sense of control and keep you focused even when life gets busy.

Change Your Diet

Even if you’re committing to amazing workouts, it’ll be challenging to meet your goals if you’re still pounding down margaritas after work. The easiest trick: Eat your veggies. Not only will it make your skin, hair and nails look great, but it also will help you feel fuller longer.

Adjust Your Attitude

When you’re not in the mood to go to the gym, remind yourself that your wedding body is something you can control. There might be a million glitches and last-minute changes with the rest of your plans, but you’re in charge of your daily exercise.

Balance Is Key

Some brides amp up their workout routines into overdrive, leaving them more prone to burnout. Schedule specific times each week for you to hit the gym and treat it like any wedding appointment. Make it a priority and give yourself time to get in the groove.


Start Small

It’s all about baby steps. Challenge yourself to new fitness goals. Take a yoga class after work or work with hand weights during one of your breaks. If you commit to making a little effort every day, you’ll soon notice big results.


Whether you’re getting hitched at city hall or planning a big blowout, weddings add new challenges and issues to your everyday routine. Clear your head of worries. In the mornings, take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. It will slow your heart rate and help you be better prepared when problems arise.

Connect with Your Fiancé

During the wedding process, it’s easy to forget the reason you’re doing it in the first place. Take time each day to connect with your fiancé. Schedule a date night, cook a healthy dinner together or go for a long hike outdoors.

Treat Yourself

You may have your hair and makeup team for the big day under control, but it’s also helpful to pamper yourself before you say, “I do.” Book a manicure, try out a brightening facial mask or spring for a massage.

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