9 Lunar New Year Party Essentials

Chinese Fire CrackersGong Hei Fat Choi! Lunar New Year 2016 is February 8 and festivities will be commencing all over the world to bring in the Lunar New Year with gift giving to symbolize luck and prosperity. And if your Chinese zodiac is the monkey, this is literally your year! For those celebrating Lunar New Year in their own homes, we’ve rounded up some party essentials that guests of all ages will love while you earn Cash Back at Ebates and save with a party supplies promo code. Here are nine finishing touches to make your gathering the highlight of the lunar year.

Red Chiyogami Note Card Set

Chinese New Year Invitations

Use these gorgeous note cards to hand-write your Lunar New Year party invites for a personalized and authentic touch.

Lunar New Year Wall Decal

Chinese New Year Wall Decal

This tasteful wall decal is bold without getting too kitschy. Plus, it takes up zero space, making it perfect for small houses or apartments.

Lunar New Year Lanterns

Chinese New Year Lanterns

Paper lanterns are iconic for ringing in the Lunar New Year and a must-have for your indoor or outdoor party.

GODIVA 20-Piece Lunar New Year Box Set

GODIVA Lunar New Year Chocolates

Whether you want to supply sweet treats for the party or give a box of chocolates as a special gift, this Godiva box set will be an instant hit.

Lunar New Year Cupcake Toppers

Chinese New Year Cupcake Toppers

Whip up (or buy) a batch of yellow or red velvet cupcakes and put on the finishing touches with these fondant cupcake toppers.

Jade Colored Glass Dessert Stand

Jade Glass Cupcake Stand

Display your nibbles and bites with this glass dessert stand colored to look like rich jade, a staple of Chinese art and style.

Red Gift Envelopes

Chinese New Year Money Envelopes

No Lunar New Year celebration would be complete without red gift envelopes. Traditionally for giving money, you can also fill them with small gifts such as jewelry or keepsakes.

Year of the Monkey Coloring Page 

Chinese New Year Coloring page

Entertain the littlest guests at the party with intricate coloring pages featuring the Fire Monkey for 2016.

kate spade new york Lunar New Year Monkey Watch

Chinese New Year Monkey Watch

You’ve thrown a fabulous bash for your friends and loved ones, so why not treat yourself to a little New Year’s gift? This adorable kate spade monkey watch will be your new favorite good luck charm.

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