How to Safely Host Baby Showers During COVID-19

Whether you are expecting your first little one or your fifth, the reality of planning a socially distanced or Zoom baby shower is anything but ideal. Of course, we all have to take measures and make sacrifices to prevent the spread and protect our loved ones (including the soon to be new addition). And while you may not be able to show off that burgeoning belly to all your friends and family members, you can still plan a safe and fun event to mark the occasion. 

Want to get some inspiration for your quarantine baby shower? We’re sharing a few alternatives that allow you to celebrate this moment and milestone without putting yourself – or anyone you care about – at risk.

Virtual Baby Shower

We’ve all become very accustomed to working, meeting, learning, playing and even partying on Zoom. Virtual events may feel a little stale at this point, but you can spunk it up and add personality to get people to want to show up — and, you know, actually turn their cameras on.

If you would rather not structure or overschedule your online baby shower, keep it relatively short and sweet. Give people an hour time frame to pop in, catch up, share their well wishes and say goodbye. Easy breezy. 

On the other hand, if you want to go all out, reserve the first part of your shower for conversing. Then schedule 30 minutes of activities. No, you don’t have to skip the quirky and giggle-inducing games. Find a baby-shower Bingo board on Pinterest (or make your own). Challenge Zoomers to some newborn-care trivia. Have a “name the baby” contest. You can even deliver unlabeled blacked-out jars of baby food to your guests in advance and have them take turns guessing the flavors. It’s as interactive as you can get over the computer.

While you’re at it, ask friends to email you (or someone facilitating) a nugget of parenting wisdom to read aloud during the virtual event. 

Finally, if you want to publicly open presents that have been sent directly to you, spend time presenting all the amazing gear and gifts to your online guests. Rather skip this part? You do you. No shame in your online baby shower game.

Drive-By Baby Shower

If you’d rather see people in the flesh without getting too close, consider organizing a drive-by baby shower. This can be a quick and fun way to lift spirits and, let’s be honest, get those must-have gifts you’ve been waiting for. 

Friends can line up their decked-out cars at a set location and then depart for the guest of honor’s home. Lots of cheering, exaggerated waving and horn honking will make a soon-to-be mama’s heart swoon, and presents can be dropped on a stoop or driveway. 

Likewise, you set up a table with favors or pass them through an open car window drive-by style; just be sure to wear a mask and encourage others to do the same if there’s a chance for close interaction.


Keep It Outdoors

If weather permits, you might be able to host an intimate alfresco affair – a picnic at a park, a beachside meet-up or a backyard barbecue.

Of course, even outdoors, there is a risk, so take precautions. Encourage mask wearing, space out seats and tables, rein in the alcohol options and limit your invite list. Be sure to check local regulations and restrictions.

Wait It Out and Plan a “Sip and See”

If you can see the light at the end of this dark pandemic tunnel, and you aren’t desperate to show off your belly and collect gifts, consider delaying the event for a few months. With vaccination efforts picking up, it’s possible that an in-person gathering will be less risky later in the year.

Give everyone something to look forward to; plan a small outdoor event after the baby makes his or her big debut. Start accruing the champagne now, and plan an epic mommy-and-me outfit for a super sweet “Sip and See” celebration.

Make the Most of This Moment in Time

No doubt, this is not the baby shower you always dreamed about. Of course, we do not take these unprecedented times lightly, but you can still embrace this crazy moment with a few touches at your virtual or in-person affair. 

Give out personalized masks and mini bottles of hand sanitizer as your big party favor. Theme your entire affair around the Great Quarantine Baby Boom of 2021. Send out a recipe for a signature “Quarantiny-tini” mocktail. Tell your virtual invitees that restrictive, non-maternity pants are optional at your Zoom event. Approach this imperfect socially distanced situation with levity and love, and you and your guests will find that you can make the most of it.

This is an exciting and weird time, but a happy moment nonetheless. Whether you’ll be marking the occasion with friends, getting sprinkled virtually or doing a bit of both, try to enjoy this special occasion. And don’t forget to snap up all your in-person or online baby shower essentials by shopping with Rakuten to earn Cash Back. 

Lauren is a digital editor, freelance writer, and Instagram aficionado with a feisty five-year-old boy and a sassy two-year-old diva at home. With a passion for family, travel, style, and alliteration, she spends her days chasing children, chugging coffee, and daydreaming about sleep. As a veteran lifestyle editor and media mom, Lauren loves to find ways to make the aspirational attainable for all the overwhelmed parents out there—because we really need to stick together! Lauren lives with her husband and kiddos in the suburbs of New York City.

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