How to Build a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Survival Kit From Scratch

If you have a bachelor party or bachelorette party coming up, you’re probably wondering what to gift the groom- or bride-to-be. Sure, you could go with cash or a gift card. Or you could get creative and win the day by giving a bachelor or bachelorette survival kit. If you’ve never heard of the concept, it’s essentially a basket full of all the items one would need to make it through a night out and the day after. I’ve put together my top picks for what to include in a kit. If you shop for them with Ebates, you’ll get Cash Back on all the best products.

Cocktail kit to take the edge off

Sometimes, the best remedy after a night at the bar is a little hair of the dog. This cocktail kit will ensure your friend is prepared to put together a pick-me-up the day after. There are multiple cocktail options to choose from, so go with your friend’s favorite.

Advil for that pounding headache

Cure their pounding headache with a little over-the-counter love. Bonus points if you include some Alka-Seltzer as well.

Naglene filled with a sports drink

If you want to do a bachelor party or bachelorette party right, the most important thing is proper hydration. A Nalgene bottle filled with your friend’s favorite sports drink — or even plain old water — will do the trick. That way, when you roll into the hotel at 4 a.m. you’ll have a mini hydration station at the ready.

Hand sanitizer for a germ-free night

Simple and effective. No frills here. Bars and clubs are notoriously dirty, so your friend will thank you every time they bust out this germ-fighting lifesaver.

Chocolate to cure late-night sugar cravings

You can never go wrong with chocolate. You know your friend best, so get them a few bags of their favorite for a pregame snack or late-night fix. My pick? Ghirardelli anything. I’m loving these dark-chocolate sea-salt caramels right now.

Cash for wherever the night takes you

Most people pay for everything with a credit card, so a wad of cash will be a welcome sight in this survival basket. The future bride or groom has a long night ahead full of unexpected adventures. It’s always smart to have some paper on hand for cover fees at the bar, impromptu cab rides or a tip for the pizza guy on his last delivery of the night.


5-Hour Energy to keep the party going

One of these before a long night out will give the future bride or groom the energy they need to make the most of the celebration. Most people get only one bachelor party or bachelorette party — being awake to experience all of it is a major plus.

A mini first-aid kit for mishaps

Injuries are expected when you mix alcohol and a big group of friends, so you need to have a mini first-aid kit on hand. This one from UST has all the basics to cover cuts, scrapes, splinters and other minor mishaps.

A Tide Pen to tackle stains

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been saved by a Tide pen. This little stick of magic will get your friend out of a bind when they drop nacho cheese on their new shirt at 3 a.m. All they need to do is shake, open and apply liberally to the stain.

Pepto Bismol to keep them comfortable

No bachelor or bachelorette kit would be complete without a bottle of Pepto. It’ll take care of upset stomachs and put an end to any unpleasantness caused by the greasy food and drinks from the night’s festivities.

A basket or container to put it all in

Now that you’ve amassed an impressive collection of items to give your bachelor or bachelorette, it’s time to put them all together. What better way to showcase your gift-curation skills than this hyacinth-leaf basket from Bed Bath & Beyond. It has an iron frame to support as many goodies as you can fit in it. The lucky bachelor or bachelorette can also use it for other things long after the party is over.

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