13 Bath and Body Works Shopping Secrets

Shower gels, body lotions, fragrance mists and so much more can be found at Bath and Body Works. This retailer offers bath items, home goods, body-care products, gifts and so much more in the most fragrant, flavorful indulgences. It’s hard not to fall in love with all the amazing-smelling products, but with these Bath and Body Works shopping tips and Cash Back from Rakuten, you don’t have to hold back.

1. Get the best deals during the Semi-Annual Sale

Bath and Body Works hosts two semi-annual sales each year, usually in the summer and right after Christmas. Look for savings of up to 75% on your favorite body-care products and home fragrances such as Wallflower plugs and candles. Sometimes, Bath and Body Works will even bring back cult classics, like Cucumber Melon, and you can score them for just a few dollars.

2. Create a My Love-It List

If you’re not ready to buy, create an account on BathAndBodyWorks.com to save items to your My Love-It List so you can add them to your bag later with ease.

3. Visit the Top Offers 

Check out the Top Offers page to see the current deals. Bath and Body Works offers plenty of coupons, discounts and bundle options, such as buy two, get two free on candles and bundle deals on body-care products.

4. Join the email list

To get email offers, Bath and Body Works coupons and the latest news from the ultimate personal-care destination, subscribe to the email list. You even have the chance to redeem a free product and get free shipping. Most Bath and Body Works coupons can be used online and in stores, so these emails are worth it!

5. Ask to get on the mailing list

The next time you’re in a Bath and Body Works store, ask the cashier to add you to the mailing list. Bath and Body Works occasionally sends out snail-mail coupons, and the savings sometimes are even better than the digital coupons.

6. Get a new Wallflower plug for free

If your Wallflower plug breaks or stops diffusing oil, head to your local store and exchange it for a new one for free. There have been differing reports on how long after your initial Wallflower the offer remains valid, but it’s worth it to ask. If the store won’t exchange it for you, contact customer service via email or phone.


7. Ask for a price adjustment

You can request a one-time price adjustment within 14 days of the original purchase date. Call or email Bath and Body Works for price adjustments on purchases made online, or visit your local Bath and Body Works store to adjust the price of an in-store purchase. 

8. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Bath and Body Works wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, so you can return or exchange your products if you aren’t. If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll likely get store credit, which is better than having a product you don’t want! This is a great option if you change your mind about a scent, because you can go back and exchange it. (But please don’t try to exchange a mostly used bottle!)

9. Ask to use an expired coupon

Bath and Body Works is generous not only with its returns, but also with expired coupons—within reason. The store usually will honor its coupons up to three days after they have expired, so just ask nicely!

10. Shop by fragrance

Bath and Body Works carries an abundance of great-smelling scents, so visit the Fragrance page to shop for your favorite fragrance. Choose a category or fragrance name if you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

11. Wait for free shipping 

Normally, shipping costs $5.99 regardless of the order amount. However, at least once a month and up to a few times a month during the holiday peak season, Bath and Body Works will offer free shipping, usually on orders over $25 or $30. 

12. Complete receipt surveys for a coupon

The next time you make a purchase in-store, complete the survey at the bottom of your receipt. You can score a Bath and Body Works coupon, and it can save you as much as $10 off a $30 purchase.

13. Buy the VIP bag on Black Friday

During previous Black Friday events, you could purchase a VIP bag for $25 when you spend $30. This VIP bag is filled with Bath and Body Works products worth at least $100, so it’s definitely worth it.

14. Shop with Rakuten

Before you complete any purchase at Bath and Body Works, activate Cash Back with Rakuten. It’s the easiest and most rewarding way to shop—you’re basically getting paid to shop! Join today and we’ll give you a $10 Cash Bonus.

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