The Best Baby Travel Systems for Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re having your first baby or fifth, you absolutely must check out a new travel system. What is a travel system? It’s a stroller car seat combo pack that is intentionally built to fit together. A car seat will snap into a click-in base in the car, and then can be released and locked into a stroller securely. When your baby is a newborn they can’t sit up in a stroller, so their car seat becomes their seat when you’re out and about. A travel system is absolutely essential if you need to get in and out and around from here to there easily. Sleeping babies can’t be moved without this kind of set up. Because travel systems are made to fit together, they have been safety tested to ensure the car seat will remain in place whether in the base or the stroller. 

There’s a lot to consider when you’re committing to a matching pair. Consider how you travel around most days to choose based on your commute, where you stroll, how long you’re out and about and what features are most important to you. We’ve researched the best travel system strollers and found the top-rated combos for all kinds of baby rearing.

City Park Joggers

If you’re one who really likes to walk around town, the style of a jogging stroller is what you’ll want, with the one front wheel for maneuvering paths and the height of this push handle is actually made for taller parents. Most strollers do not provide such luxuries.

Baby Trend® Expedition® Travel System

Metropolitan Transporters

Getting downstairs, in and out of cars or trains and other maneuvers make car seats and stroller combos a bit of a nightmare. Doona seeks to solve this problem by being a truly all-in-one car seat stroller combo. The stroller folds up into the car seat and there is nothing to take apart and extra object to carry around when you’re not using your stroller.

Doona™+ Infant Car Seat/Stroller with LATCH Base

Growing Families

What if you have a baby and a toddler who isn’t ready to be kicked out of his seat on your ride? Double strollers can be cumbersome, but there are combo stroller car seat options that position everyone for the best view. My own toddler likes to jump from sitting to standing, so this travel system would be exactly what we need.

Baby Ready2Grow Click Connect Stand & Ride Stroller

UPPAbaby 2020 Vista V2 Stroller

I love the bassinet option for this travel system, and this is best for multiple configurations for your growing family.

Bouncing Between

For a day of errands and playdates, you need something that you can transfer even with your hands full. This travel system is light and folding is easy with one-hand because you have a lot to juggle. 

Britax B-Lively & B-Safe 35 Travel System

Safety First Parents

Chicco has consistently rated the safest infant car seats, and now also for easy installation. You’ve probably heard that car seats are only safe if they are properly installed, and these take the guesswork out of that process. 

Bravo Trio Travel System


Active Runners

Serious runners know that most strollers don’t move smoothly and safely at running speeds. BOB strollers are one of the only jogging strollers that running enthusiasts will consider. This travel system provides an adaptor that can combine with a variety of different car seats, and this stroller is great especially for older children (even if you aren’t a runner). I preferred my BOB stroller for pushing around town when my kids were tired of walking. 

BOB Gear Rambler Travel System with B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Practical and Organized

I took all the pads off a car seat once to wash them, and it took a YouTube video and the better part of an hour to figure out how to put the whole thing back together again. Chicco solved that problem with a very simple zip-and-remove car seat cover. In addition, this car seat is steel-reinforced, has a five-point harness and can recline for sleeping. 

Chicco® NextFit Zip® Convertible Car Seat

Prepared Parents

You take all the snacks and extras kids inevitably need for outings, so you want a stroller that has plenty of storage space and easy to reach pockets and trays. The seat on this stroller has an extra pocket in the back, which you’ll like to use when you don’t want to rummage around in the bottom basket. 

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace Infant Car Seat

Discerning Taste

If you’re a researcher like I am, it’s likely that your favorite stroller or car seat doesn’t necessarily go together. Well, there are real solutions for that, too. Get an adaptor or a simple frame stroller for your DIY combo travel system! The car seat frame is also an excellent choice if you want to go as light as possible. 

Britax® Bob® Duallie®/Britax® Infant Car Seat Adapter

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier

Your baby’s travel system may be their most important equipment in their first few years. Whichever you do choose, make an investment in one that will work for you. 

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