6 Ways to Show You Care on Best Friends Day

Two female friends laughing in bathrobesNobody stands by your side quite like your best friend. Through thick and then, they’re there for you to help you through every hurdle and accomplishment. They defy biological ties, acting as family even if there is no relation. So this June 8th, show your best friend what they mean to you with a small token of your appreciation on Best Friends Day. These friendship gift ideas are sure to demonstrate just how much they mean to you.

Hand made card with Eiffel Tower scrapbook art Keep It Old School

Gifts for friends don’t have to be over the top grand gestures. Instead, revisit the days of yesteryear with handcrafted gifts. Michaels carries everything you need to replicate those super sweet friendship bracelets you couldn’t get enough of back in the day. Snatch up a kit or simple embroidery thread and see just how well you remember, or don’t remember, making those colorful bracelets. Or if your bestie loves craft projects, simply send them an instant eGift card and show them some love while they choose their own perfect present.

Celebrate Together

Sometimes experiences make the best gifts. What better way to show appreciation than spending time together? But your outing doesn’t have to be a full price adventure. Groupon has you covered with fun activities like painting classes, massages, rock climbing, beer tastings, concerts and more.

Woman cooking in kitchen aloneMake Life Easier

Life is pretty chaotic these days and between work and all of the after school activities, it’s actually quite impressive if your friend finds time to whip up dinner. Pick up a cookbook for your e-reader from BooksAMillion for some quick meal ideas and whip up some delicious meals to save time. The gesture will help reduce stress and hopefully give everyone enough time to sit down and enjoy your creation together. You can also send them an eGift Certificate that they can use instantly online so they can spend their evening down time reading and relaxing.

For the Kiddos

Your kids certainly can’t miss out on the joy of friendship gifts. With the adorable assortment of classic friendship necklaces at Claire’s, they’re sure to find gifts for best friends that perfectly represents their budding friendship. As they swoon over all of the fun designs, you’ll be reminiscing of the days when you used to sport similar fashionable necklaces.

Grown-Up Glitz

Adulthood isn’t all bad. Sure, you have bills to pay, but you also get to choose more grownup friendship jewelry gifts for your best friend. At Jewelry.com you’ll find a great selection of styles that are sure to please anyone. Chose the best friend jewelry that speaks to your relationship and the many years you’ve spent enjoying each other’s company. Between their great prices and a promo code, you’ll definitely get a great price on your friendship jewelry with Jewelry.com.

Woman greeting friend at the doorThe Gift of Options

If you’re drawing a blank on gift ideas for friends, look no further than GiftCardMall.com. As a one-stop-shop you’ll find instant gift cards for any number of stores. Find the store that stands out and get them the gift of choice by allowing them to use the gift card as they see fit. With Cash Back at Ebates, you’ll even save money, making it the ultimate gift giving choice. You’ll even be able to get your code right away, making it ideal for procrastinating shoppers who still want to get the perfect last minute gift.


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