10 Clever and Classic Father’s Day Gifts for 2022

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and finding the perfect gift for your dad or the father figure in your life can be a challenge. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts — so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts that your dad will love (and you will love getting Cash Back on).

Personalized Beer Aficionado Crate

If your dad is a beer expert, then he’ll love this crate of specialized glasses and coasters. The five glasses in this set are each specifically shaped for a certain type of beer, including IPA, hefeweizen, pilsner, saison and stout. You can also personalize the included bottle opener to make the gift extra unique.

Surge Multitool

Your dad may have a can opener, a screwdriver or a pair of pliers, but does he have them all in one place, along with 18 other tools? The Surge Multitool contains 21 tools, all connected together. Save your dad the frustration of digging through his toolbox for just the right item and treat him to this multitool that can help with almost any task.

Aviator Classic

Make your dad look like the cool cat he is with these classic aviators from Ray-Ban. These sunglasses are both stylish and practical for the bright summer days ahead, and they’re perfect for the family road trips your dad insists on taking since “it’s only an eight-hour drive and much cheaper than flying.”

2-Burner High Output Propane Stove

Give your dad the gift of taking his grilling on the go. This camp propane stove is compact and portable, so your dad will be able to cook juicy burgers and steaks at his tailgate parties and during family camping trips.

Omaha Steaks Build Your Own Father's Day Gift

If your dad wants nothing more than a delicious grilled dinner for himself on Father’s Day, the Build Your Own Gift from Omaha Steaks is a great option. Choose among options such as tender filet mignon or top sirloins and delicious sides and desserts to personalize the box for your dad’s preferences.

Heated Razor By Gillettelabs

Gillettelabs has created the first heated razor that’s meant to create the soothing feeling you’d get from a shave at a barbershop. Your dad can have a smooth shave every morning at home, or even take the razor with him to the gym or on vacation since it has its own charging kit.

Best Dad Ever Striped White Frame

If you want to go the sentimental route, then you can’t go wrong with a classic framed picture as a Father’s Day gift. Find your absolute favorite picture — or a few — of you and your dad, and insert them into these adorable frames that state, “Best Dad Ever.”

Joseph Abboud Watch

Surprise your father with this stylish and contemporary stainless-steel watch from Joseph Abboud that he can show off at work. Along with its Roman numeral hour markers, it also contains a date window with the month and day.

Nike Brasilia 9.5 Training Duffel Bag

If your dad makes early morning trips to the gym every day, he’ll truly appreciate this spacious and convenient duffel bag from Nike. It includes space for a change of clothes, so he can easily go from the gym to work. It even comes with a zippered inner compartment where he can separate dirty clothes from the rest of his belongings.

Father Mows Best Tee

Dad’s day calls for dad jokes. There’s nothing like a classic pun your dad can wear as a T-shirt, maybe even while he … mows the front lawn? We’re sure your dad will not only get a lot of use out of this T-shirt, but a lot of laughs out of it too.


These are just a few ideas for what to treat your dad to this Father’s Day, but the options are endless. For even more inspiration, you can check out our Father’s Day gifting page. If there’s anyone who loves a good deal, it’s dads — so shop for him but also get Cash Back for yourself.

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