Congratulations on Your Engagement! What to Do Next

A man proposing and holding up an engagement ring

There are fewer moments more exciting than when that ring slips onto your finger for the first time. After you tell your friends and family the great news, this excitement easily can turn into a frantic realization of how much you have to accomplish between now and your wedding day. But don’t panic! Although it is a rather lengthy to-do list, first things first. Let us break down your top five post-engagement action items so you can kick-start your wedding planning without diving in too deep.

Women at gathering, smiling at woman wearing engagement ringStep 1: Celebrate Simply

Always remember to take time to celebrate this momentous occasion. Traditionally, the parents of the bride host an engagement party for the happy couple. If you happen to be the one hosting, however, keep your workload light with easy engagement-party ideas. Remember: You have a lot of work ahead of you, so pace yourself! Don’t worry about registering for engagement gifts, either. Registering is best left for wedding gifts.

many coins in a money jar with wedding labelStep 2: Set Your Budget

This may sound complicated, but all we’re talking about is a basic estimate of how much you are comfortable with spending on your wedding. Now is the time to ask your parents and family if they are willing and able to help. Only when you have a general idea on budget can you move on to the next steps.

The practical wedding planner bookStep 3: Pick Your Planner

To hire or DIY — that is the question. If you have the funds, a wedding planner is truly invaluable. But if you’re looking to cut costs, all you need is elbow grease and a good wedding-planner book. This planner from Barnes & Noble is a complete workbook designed to be used with your partner to address what both of you want out of your special day. Plus, it comes with Cash Back at Ebates!

Mr. and Mrs. Sign on the chairStep 4: Get the Venue

Finding your perfect wedding venue will impact not only your budget, but also your wedding date. Many venues are booked well in advance. Once you have the date locked in, you can start booking all the services you need, from photographers to entertainment. But first…

Lesbian couple save the dateStep 5: Save-the-Dates

Sending out save-the-dates is essential to giving your guests plenty of notice about your wedding day. They are especially useful if you are planning a destination wedding and want to give your guests extra time to book travel and hotels. Take some romantic engagement photos and upload them to Wedding Paper Divas to create your custom save-the-dates.

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