DIY Draft Stoppers That Keep Your Home Insulated

Baby, it’s cold outside. But you’re warm and cozy in the comfort of your home, right? If the answer is “well, not exactly,” you’ll want to do something about the brisk interior conditions before the temperature drops any lower. 

Before you crank up the heat on your thermostat, do a quick door and window check. Do you feel cool air rushing in? You might have a small crack, gap or space at your door or window that’s allowing the frigid air inside your otherwise toasty abode. This not only forces you to bundle up, it can also drive your heating expenses to skyrocket.

Before you run to the store or order a cold air blocker online, consider making one yourself! A DIY draft stopper is pretty easy and requires minimal materials.

7 Steps to Make a Door or Window Draft Stopper

Don’t know how to make a door draft stopper? We’re breaking down the simple steps.


1. Source your must-have materials.

  • Measuring tape
  • A medium-to-thick fabric of your choosing
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle/ thread
  • Pins
  • Dry beans

2. Get your measuring on.

Before you get to work or even buy your fabric, you’ll want to measure the offending door or window(s) to determine the amount of material you will need to make your own window draft stopper or DIY door draft stopper. Be sure to get a little extra; it’s always good to be prepared when you’re beginning a new project. 

3. Cut the fabric.

Cut the material lengthwise first and make sure to add an extra four to five inches to the window or door width measurement. Cut your material eight to 10 inches tall.

4. Fold and pin.

Fold the material in half lengthwise and pin the two ends together in place.

5. Start sewing.

You can use a sewing machine or go back to basics with a needle and thread. Sew the one long side where you have your pins placed. Then, sew the two short sides of your rectangle.

6. Stuff to insulate.

Stuff your chosen form of insulation (i.e. dry beans). Don’t overstuff; you want your draft dodger to have a little room and flexibility. 

7. Sew close.

Sew the remaining long side. And, voila, you’ve got yourself a DIY draft stopper.

4 Creative DIY Draft Stoppers

You now know how to design a nifty draft stopper, but how about making one that’s functional and fashionable? Here are a few cute and creative ways to customize your window or door draft dodger — and take the craftiness up a notch.

1. Create a stopper of stuffies.

Feel like making your draft dodger a bit more, um, cuddly? Sew together some stuffed animals and create an adorable barrier.

2. Make a draft snake.

If your crafting and sewing skills are still rather rudimentary, you can keep it to a traditional shape, but add eyeballs and a tongue to make a silly (or menacing) snake to guard your front door from wind.

3. Give your window a furry best friend.

If a snake sounds too scary, you can turn your draft dodger into a dachshund dog. It’s already got the length; just add a cute little furry face.

4. Go rustic.

Use a fabric that makes your draft stopper look like a wooden log. You can even add felt leaves for a rustic-inspired look.

These ideas to draft proof your home will keep your interior insulated in colder months. All you need is a little time and effort and a few basic materials that you can easily get from Michaels, Staples or Office Depot OfficeMax. You can make it as simple or as creatively complex as you wish. Have fun and stay warm!

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