Easy-to-Use Halloween Makeup Kits Under $15

Ultraviolet skeleton girl portrait

No matter how many hours you spend on Pinterest browsing Halloween makeup looks or how many YouTube tutorials you watch, doing your own Halloween makeup can be, well, scary. It’s a lot of work requiring a lot of tools that you may not have, nor the budget to buy them. And booking a professional Halloween makeup session? That’s not exactly cost effective. So for all of you lacking time, copious extra cash and/or a steady hand, we present you these Halloween makeup kits that are affordable, easy to use and come with Cash Back at Ebates!

The Joker Halloween Makeup Kit, $9.95

Batman Dark Knight The Joker Halloween Makeup Kit

Kits are especially smart if your look requires Halloween face makeup, like The Joker. Instead of buying a whole tub of white that you will likely not use all in one sitting, this kit provides just enough coverage and all the accouterments needed to complete your transformation.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup Kit, $9.52


This look requires some serious Halloween eye makeup since chances are, you probably don’t have red and blue shades just lying around.

Poison Ivy Makeup Kit, $9.52


Harley and The Joker may be all the rage right now but for those who like to kick it old school, this Poison Ivy kit from Hot Topic includes some killer costume makeup.

e.l.f. Witch Kit, $12

e.l.f. Witch makeup kit Halloween collection

e.l.f. has a great selection of simple face kits including Ice Queen, Mermaid, Cheetah and more to complete your fantasy face.

Lady Gaga Halloween Lightning Bolt Makeup, $3.96

Lady Gaga Womens Halloween Lightning Bolt Makeup kit

Whether you want to evoke Lady Gaga or the late, great David Bowie, this kit from Tanga has everything you need for a glamtastic look.

Beautiful Bones Halloween Makeup Kit, $7.22


While searching Halloween makeup ideas, you may have fallen totally in love with Calavera, the beautiful sugar skulls depicted in Día de los Muertos customs and folklore. Unless this is part of your own culture, we recommend using this makeup if you are attending an actual Día de los Muertos celebration. Celebrate, don’t appropriate!

Neon Rainbow Cat Face Tattoo, $5

Neon Rainbow Cat Face Tattoo

A full-face tattoo is perhaps the easiest way to apply your Halloween look. Just a few simple steps and you’re out the door!

Glow-In-The-Dark Makeup Kit, $9.50

Glow-In-The-Dark Makeup Kit Halloween Fun World New in Package

Hitting up any haunted houses or black-light parties? Then a glow-in-the-dark look is a bold move few will forget.

Fluorescent Green Glow in The Dark Nail Polish, $3

Fluorescent Green Glow in The Dark Speckled Nail Polish

Complete your costume with head-to-fingertip luminescence. This nail polish is speckled to create a fun paint splatter effect.

Black Glitter Witch Nails, $5

Halloween Black Glitter 20 Pre-Glued Witch Nails

Or you can ditch the extra dry time and go for quick, press-on nails like these to create some witchy digits that will leave them bedazzled.

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