5 Everyday Items That Will Change Your Camping Game Forever

Camping gear can be expensive, especially if you’re just starting out. Over the years, I’ve found the best way to venture into the great outdoors is with affordable multi-use tools that can be used both at the campsite and in everyday situations. There are plenty of specialty gadgets out there that will drain your bank account, but these tried-and-true picks will help you tackle any job — whether at work or at play — without wrecking your finances. On top of that, you’ll keep even more of your hard-earned money where it belongs by earning Cash Back at Ebates while shopping for all the best products.

Tout the Tool for Every Situation

When it comes to your everyday carry, a multi-tool is both a must and a piece of gear you probably already have on hand. It’s an essential piece of camping equipment — the first thing I pack before a trip. If you don’t have a proper multi-tool, the Leatherman Wave is my all-time favorite for its durability and the countless jobs I’ve tackled with it. Leatherman is a legendary brand, and the Wave has never let me down. Review your tool’s user manual and get familiar with its many features before your next big adventure. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for most tools as well.

Wear a Watch That Works for You

Never venture out the door — especially into the great outdoors — without a trusty timepiece on your wrist. So many people rely on their cell phones for everything these days, but there’s a reason watches have been around for centuries. This one, from Casio, is powered by light, has directional and sunrise and sunset data, can give altitude readings and much more. This is the priciest item on my list, but it’s well worth the investment.


Pack the Paracord

Paracord is the new duct tape. At least that’s how I see it. This affordable rope is incredibly strong and versatile, which makes it a top pick for the campsite and as an everyday-carry item. I keep a few hundred feet in my backpack for peace of mind, and I’ve had to rely on that little bundle of cord quite a few times over the years. Whether you’re rigging up a clothesline or fixing a broken tent line, you’ll be glad you spent a little dough on this proven pick.

Put Your Water Bottle to Work

I drink out of a Nalgene bottle almost every day at work, and I doubt that will ever change. It holds more water than others I’ve tried, it has multiple uses both from an everyday-carry perspective and as a piece of camping gear. In addition to holding water, it can also be a measuring cup, a dry container for rainy days or water adventures, a storage container to keep your food away from pests and so much more. It’s simply a superior bottle.

Let Your Mind Wander and Jot Down Your Thoughts

You never know when the next great idea will strike you. It could be at the office, but it also could be at the campground or on the open trail. Always be prepared with the Fisher space pen. This seemingly ordinary writing utensil can transfer your thoughts to paper in nearly any situation (upside down, in high temperatures, over grease and even underwater). It’s a true everyday-carry essential at its finest.

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