Five Essential Summertime Shopping Hacks

From outdoor concerts to vacation wardrobes, it’s easy to blow through the bucks come summertime. But with a little know-how, summer can be a season of maximum savings. Take advantage of warm-weather fun and make the most out of your money with these five budget-friendly summertime shopping hacks.

1. Shop Off-Season and On Certain Days

Timing your clothing purchases correctly can save you big bucks. For children, August is the hottest summer month to find steals. Experts also advise hitting stores before the weekend crowds. You can take advantage of off-season buys (winter coats and sweaters, for example) that may be heavily discounted during the summer months.

2. Browse Craigslist and Facebook for Block Sales, Sidewalk Sales and Flea Markets

Come summertime, take advantage of yard sales and neighborhood block sales to scoop up finds at cheap prices. Even people living in small towns can take advantage of flea markets and fairs. Here, many antiques dealers will hawk their wares on weekends for cheap prices. Make a day of it — gather the family, grab an outdoor brunch and arrive early to snag the best deals.

3. Take Advantage of Big Retailers’ Summer Blowouts

Many popular stores, such as Bath and Body Works, slash prices at big semi-annual sales. Take advantage by stocking up on a year’s worth of hand soaps or body washes.


4. Watch for Deals After the Holidays

Shopping malls offer big sales after the Fourth of July. If you’re searching for big-time bargains, waiting until the first or second week of August is a smart move. During this time, it isn’t uncommon to find retailers such as American Eagle, Eddie Bauer and Rebecca Minkoff offering clothes at up to 60% off. Holiday sales also are a great choice to stock up on big-ticket outdoor goods such as tents and stoves as camping season starts winding down.

5. Jump on Flash Sales

Many online retailers (Gilt and eBay, for example) offer flash sales, at which you can find discounts on major brands during specific days and times. Stay on top of times by signing up for an email newsletter and special alerts. Start browsing a few days before the big day to scout out the biggest bargains.

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