Five Spring Trends

Spring has technically arrived! Even though some of the country is still enduring the harsh reality of Winter, we have our eyes on sunshine and flowers. While Fall may be our favorite season to shop ( we can never have too many boots), Spring is *very* fun. We have spent some time perusing the blogosphere and picked five trends that we are excited to participate in. What are your favorite Spring fashion trends?

1. Stripes –

It seems like stripes reemerge as trendy every few years. We can’t deny – we jump on the stripes train every time since they never *really* go out of style. Stripes all suite a variety of fabrics AND body types. We tend to prefer bolder rugby-type stripes, the options abound. They add a stylish simplicity to a wardrobe. Pop on a great pair of jeans, cute flats, a striped tee (black and white), and some lipstick – voila! Selections below via Old Navy.

Old Navy Stripes

2. Pastels –

We know this may seem like a cop out, but we couldn’t not include it. Pastels are popping up everywhere – from tees to sweaters and dresses to eye shadow. Pastels are a very pretty fashion statement that is perfect for the warmer Spring months. While we love all the fun pastel clothing options, sometimes our messiness makes light hues a bit trickier. Perfect solution: nail polish! In a perfect world we would snag 5 beautiful pastel polishes and paint each finger a different color. Crazy? Maybe. But nails seem like the perfect place with a bit more exciting fashion statements. Selections below via Sephora.

Pastel Nail Polish

3. Floral –

Another obvious choice. but florals are having a moment. We have been seeing floral shirts, tees, jeans, skirts, dresses, and more. Nothing screams Spring more than a beautiful floral item. The pieces we have selected are very much seasonal – and priced accordingly. You won’t find us suggesting floral investment pieces from Forever 21, however, while the sun is shining we would encourage you to have fun with your wardrobe however you see fit. Want some more versatile florals? Try and stick to a black and white color scheme – those will be suitable all year ’round. Selections below via Forever 21.

Floral Finds for Spring

4. Distressed Denim –

we waver a lot on this trend, but we can’t give you a credible list without including it. Distressed denim seems to be making a bit of a comeback and we are having mixed feelings about it. On one hand it can look super rockstar cool. On the other hand, when styled improperly, it can look messy and poorly put together. Luckily the reemergence of this trend is giving us a lot of different options – from different washes to variety in distressing. With a great selection we think everyone could find the right level of distress for their taste. Selections via Nordstrom.

Distressed Denim

5. Bold Pouts –

We know we blog about it all the time, but a pretty pout just screams Spring. We are seeing fashion and beauty bloggers putting away those bold plums and reds for violets and pinks. We love bold lips for a few reasons. First of all – if you have anything on your face that isn’t your favorite (for us it is dark circles under our eyes) they are an immediate distraction. Second – pops of color create visual interest, creating the illusion that a possibly bland outfit is much more exciting. Selections below via Sephora.

Spring Lip Picks


What are your favorite Spring trends?

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