Get Fit in 2018 With These Five Fabulous Finds

Who doesn’t love a fresh start? You have renewed focus on your goals in 2018, and you need that little something to boost your enthusiasm. Whether you’re a lifter or a yogi, here’s some fitness gear to get you excited for your workout.


Getting enough protein when you’re trying to build muscle can sometimes be a problem, especially right after your workout. If you’ve had enough whey to last you a year, try Flavored Liquid Egg Whites as your post-workout supplement. It’s a quick grab-and-go, too, as you rush to work from the gym.


A fashionable and functional gym bag is nearly impossible to find, so this bag is worth the splurge. The extra inside pockets are perfect for your water bottle, freshen-up kit and other exercise stuff. Its professional look makes it a great transitional piece from the studio to your dinner date.



We admit we’re coffee addicts — but we’re special coffee addicts. Bullet Coffee is the CrossFitter’s answer to the Mocha Frappuccino. It’s black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil, which are fats that are easily turned into energy. The combo is an excellent mental and physical boost, and you’re going to need it after a week of workouts.  


Although yoga provides a natural glow, you’ll need to freshen up before moving on to your busy day. Add this refreshing kit to your bag of gym gear to clean up and tone your skin.  It also has some muscle-recovery gel to keep you relaxed even after the most intense hot-yoga session.


Stance isn’t just the best socks manufacturer;  it also has a whole line of fashionable, supportive, comfortable, well-made briefs just for you. You can sport your favorite team or player, or even proudly display your obsession with “Star Wars.” Stance takes its special fabric technology seriously, and the briefs are made to stretch and breathe for all your moves on the court.

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