Guest Essentials to Make Your Fall Wedding the Coziest Event of the Season

From foliage color tours to toasty bonfires, fall is a particularly romantic season — especially if you’re planning a wedding ceremony. Autumn is an ideal time to pull from natural elements, seasonal favorites and elevated extras to make your nuptials a party for wedding guests to remember. Here are five ideas — ranging from wedding favors to wedding decorations — to consider.

Play with Pumpkins

From lattes to storybook carriages, people go mad for pumpkin come fall. And although the idea may seem commonplace, there are plenty of possibilities to incorporate pumpkins into your wedding in a way that feels meaningful and special. Try artfully etching these gourds and lining them up to create a magical path, or carving initials into them as unique place settings. You can also play around with shape and size, crafting a centerpiece out of mini ’kins. Decorative pumpkins, such as this set from Oriental Trading Company, are affordable and easy to work with.

Sweeten Up with S’mores

S’mores may seem like a summertime campfire staple, but they’re equally appreciated in colder months. Try incorporating them as a late-night pick-me-up for guests. Set up a fire pit and build a s’mores station for guests to help themselves to the saccharine sweet, and then send them home with a sweet treat like these Milk Chocolate Gourmet S’Mores from Macy’s. Elevate this idea by allowing your guests to light sparklers as they toast their marshmallows.


Blanket a Barn Venue

Barns lend themselves well to the crisp vibes of a fall wedding. A florist can help transform these eclectic spaces from a place where horses live to a fairy-tale setting for the most memorable night of your life. Experiment with twinkling lights, autumnal blooms and a rustic decor to really set the tone. You can also decorate with blankets for guests to get really comfy. These cozy gray blankets from Target are an affordable option.

Heat Things Up with Hot Chocolate

Warm beverages are one of the simple luxuries of the fall season. We all look forward to curling up with a pumpkin spice latte or a frothy cappuccino come autumn. Bring the magic to your big day by setting up a hot chocolate or latte station for guests to help themselves. Stock up on toppings for hot chocolate — whipped cream, chocolate shavings, cinnamon and mix-ins. You can also create your wedding cocktails around a hot toddy theme. You can even send guests home with their own, such as this Hot Cocoa from Ghirardelli.

Send Your Guests Off Warmly

A fall wedding presents possibilities to customize the favors in step with the season. Keep guests feeling warm and toasty by giving them scarves, mittens or earmuffs. These sartorial goodies will keep them warm well into the winter and give them a loving reminder of your special day. We love the classic looks from L.L. Bean.

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