How To Save on Halloween Costumes, Candy, and Decorations

Halloween, a celebration of ghoulish fun, is a holiday anyone can enjoy. In preparation for Halloween festivities, shops and homes nationwide will soon transform into faux horror houses with cotton spider web adorned porches, bright orange jack-o’-lanterns, and doorways guarded by gargoyles. Whether you’re shopping for a simple costume to wear to the office party or supplies to create a masterfully frightful haunted house, read on for some money-saving tips for a Halloween celebration that’s so affordable it’s scary.

1. Buy in bulk

Halloween parties can be just as fun to host as to attend. If you’re throwing a monster ball or spooky bash in celebration of the ghoulish holiday, you’ll likely be in the market for large quantities of various party staples, from candy to décor.

You can score some major savings by buying in bulk at big-box stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club. If you don’t have a membership or simply prefer the convenience of having your items delivered to your door, you can also find some great deals on multi-packs at Amazon. By shopping with Rakuten, you can also enjoy some awesome Cash Back and coupons as well.

skull spider

2. Go thrifting

While you probably don’t want to buy your candy corn or bite-sized Butterfingers second-hand, you can save quite a bundle shopping second-hand for other items. Many thrift stores have a number of Halloween specials for up to two months prior to the holiday, making it easy to find gently used decor and costumes for cheap.

This can be an especially valuable option for buying kids’ costumes, as children tend to outgrow their costumes or wear out their love of certain characters. Many thrift stores also offer discounts on your next purchase if you bring in a donation beforehand, providing an excellent excuse to do some house cleaning before the winter holidays.

kids trick or treating

3. Do it yourself

Whether you’re a champion crafter or a first-timer, Halloween is the perfect time to concoct your own decor. A quick Google search or scroll through Pinterest will produce a slew of inspirational ideas for cool Halloween fixings, whether you’re looking for something fun and family-friendly or something a little spookier. You can find supplies and inspiration from stores like JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s, plus enjoy Cash Back to boot!

4. Rent

Your local community theater or holiday supply store likely offers rentals as well as for-sale items. If you’re looking to sport a historically accurate Marie Antoinette costume or want to display an ultra-realistic undead zombie on your lawn, this can be a good option to save some major cash.

Halloween candy

5. Shop clearance for next year

Just as there is a plethora of end-of-season or post-season clearance deals (think buying swimwear in September or a wool coat in March), equal opportunity for major savings lies in the days immediately following major holidays like Halloween and Christmas. So though it may seem counterintuitive to order costumes or decorations you likely won’t touch for another 11 months, it can save you some serious cash, and save you some time shopping for next year’s All Hallows’ Eve.

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