How to Shave Like a Boss Every Time


You might do it every day but what if you’ve been going about it all wrong? Let’s face it guys, the art of shaving isn’t instinctual. It’s something best perfected with the right tips and the best products for your skin. This is your face, after all. It’s worth a little learning. Any man can master these eight tips on how to shave for perfect results every time.


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1. Get steamed up

Take as hot a shower as you can handle or drape a hot towel over your face to get a good steam (here’s a great how-to on creating a barbershop-style hot towel experience at home). This opens your pours and makes your stubble rise to the occasion of getting lopped off to reveal an actual human male beneath the fur.

2. Wash your face

Your normal bar soap will do for this step. The real point is clearing away dirt and grime that would normally get trapped in your pours during a shave. This prevents bumps and blemishes for smooth skin anyone would want to get up close and personal with.


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3. Use pre-shave oil

Shaving oil is crucial to avoiding nicks, cuts and the dreaded razor burn. It enables your blade to run smoothly across the skin with minimal pressure needed. Just a dime-sized dab will do every time you shave.


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4. Brush on shaving cream

Badger brushes are key. They also work to raise your whiskers and evenly apply the shaving cream. Use a wet brush to whip up your cream then apply it in a circular motion. A thin layer of shaving cream is key. This puts minimal distance between your blade and skin for a close shave.


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5. Shave with the grain

For the first pass, shave in the direction your hair grows to prevent ingrown hairs. After each swipe, rinse your razor. You want clean contact each time for an even shave.

6. Shave again

This time, it’s OK to go against the grain to make sure you got every last whisker. Just make sure you are extremely gentle.

7. Rinse with cold water

A quick cold water rinse is all you need to clean up and close those pours. Pat your face dry with a clean towel, still keeping in mind that your skin has been through the ringer so be gentle.

8. Balm or toner?

Like we said, shaving is an ordeal for your skin making after care all the more needed. If you tend to have oily skin, use your fingertips to pat on an after-shave toner. For dry skin, rub in an after-shave balm until completely absorbed into the skin.

Do you have any other tips for a great at-home shave? Let us know in the comments below.



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