5 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Tea Party


Tea parties are a great way to gather up friends for a fun afternoon of stories, laughter, drinks and food. Whether you’re throwing a baby or bridal shower or just want an excuse to get everyone together, hosting a tea party is exciting and enjoyable for all ages. But as fun as they are, they do require a bit of proper planning. No worries though – we have all the tips, tricks and must-have items to throw the perfect tea party! When planning your event, don’t forget to search for promo codes and deals at Ebates to save more and earn Cash Back on all your tea party purchases.

Issue the Invitations

When planning a tea party, the formality of your event will reflect in the formality of your invitation. If you want a traditional English tea party, opt for handwritten invitations on a tea card. Or get in touch with your crafty side and print them out on floral stationary and decorate with lace or pearls. If you’re new to throwing an afternoon tea party, keep it small, inviting three to five guests.

Set the Table

Since you’ll be sitting at the table as you drink your tea, make the table shine. Set down a white linen or lace tablecloth and arrange a fresh bouquet of flowers in the center of the table. Let your own personality shine through when decorating. Make sure to arrange the treats and teacups ahead of time. Use tiered cake stands to elevate the table and maximize space. And don’t fret if your tea set doesn’t match! Mix and matched china allows for a fun and modern look. Or you can invite your guests to bring their favorite tea cup to the party and ask them to share what makes the cup special to them.

Arrange the Treats

The main emphasis of the party is of course the tea, but snacks are equally as important! Opt for snacks that don’t require being served warm, such as finger sandwiches and scones. Serve biscuits with jam or channel your inner baker and make a cake (or tiny cakes!) for all to enjoy.

Present the Drinks

Offer your guests an assortment of hot and cold tea. You can opt for one tea pot full of boiling water presented alongside tea bags and another pot with your favorite tea already brewed. Don’t forget the tea essentials such as lemon, sugar, honey and cream. You can even include orange or lime slices, fresh fruit such as raspberries and strawberries or fresh herbs like basil and mint. This will allow your guests to try new things and share their favorite combinations. For iced tea drinkers – make fun ice cubes! Add an edible flower or lemon zest to the ice cube tray for a little surprise.

Enjoy the Party

In the end, whether you serve your tea on a silver tray or just brew up some iced tea, enjoy your tea party. It’s a wonderful way to bring people together and enjoy one another’s company!


Tea Party Essentials

To enjoy your lovely afternoon tea, you need a few essentials. This stoneware teapot from Lord & Taylor is simple and elegant but is also microwave and dishwasher safe. If you plan on brewing tea leaves, you’ll want a tea strainer to serve to the perfect cup. Adding a cute sugar bowl and a pink tea set to the table completes the look.

Tantalizing Teas

Having a variety of tea available for your guests allows for a delightful afternoon. A hearty black tea like this form from Adagio Teas is a great addition for a morning tea party while a chai tea adds a bit of sweet and spice to the mix. Mix it up with interesting flavors like a tropical green tea or herbal tea, served with garnishes.

Delightful Decor

Elegant decorations really add to the tea party atmosphere. Arrange your treats on a two-tier cake stand or serve them on doilies for a classic look. These tea invitations from Etsy will get your guests excited for the party. Don’t forget to set down a lace tablecloth before decorating!

Finishing Touches

While it’s not necessary to dress up for a tea party, there’s no denying that it’s part of the fun! Carry a white lace parasol if your choose to have a garden tea party in the sun and add lavender gloves to perfect the look. Tea hats are all the rage and this emerald fascinator from ModCloth will be one you’ll never want to take off. Or opt to keep it simple by adding a jeweled broach to your favorite dress.

Will you be throwing a tea party this 2016? Let us know in a comment below!



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