8 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

It’s almost Father’s Day and you haven’t yet found that perfect mug that says, “#1 Dad.” Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a list of thoughtful gifts for Dad that aren’t neckties, and you can buy them from Amazon with one-click. With Amazon Prime you get free 2-day shipping, which means your gift will arrive in plenty of time, even if you’ve waited until the last minute.

Minimalist wallet

They say you know a lot about a person from how they carry their cash. There’s a good reason this is the number one best seller on Amazon. For traveling or a night out, a slim wallet is so useful. This fits in his front pocket and has RFID blockers. He can still carry plenty of cash and several cards, no problem.

Blue light blocking glasses

These glasses are one of the best gifts for dad, since it’s something he probably hasn’t even realized he needed. If he does any work on a computer or screen, these will save him eye strain and help minimize sleep disruptions from blue light.

Echo Show 5

Although the newest version isn’t being released until June 26th, you’ll give your dad the gift of anticipation that he’ll be the coolest kid on the block with the Echo Show 5. The Echo is a perfect home base for your other Echo devices (he can call anyone in another room), he can listen to podcasts or music, and he can use it to link with a front-door camera or light switches in the house, all operated with voice-activated commands.

Car vacuum

If your dad loves to spend his free time taking care of his car, this car vacuum has all the extensions and parts to get into every nook and cranny of his spotless vehicle. This is small enough to store in the car, too.


Baxter Of California Cream Pomade

For the stylish man, this pomade works well to stay groomed for hours, and still leaves hair soft.

Personalized engraved flask

An engraved flask is a beautiful centerpiece to any liquor collection. Even with the personalization, the flask can be made and delivered quickly (and we won’t tell anyone you didn’t spend weeks planning this gift).

Pressure washing service

My dad is nerdy enough to love a good Saturday cleaning, but he would be very satisfied letting someone else pressure-wash the deck, driveway or outside of the house while he relaxes. Amazon services are full relief from tedious chores, making it a gift of time for oneself.

Bose Home Speaker 300

Portable enough to be moved from the office or the kitchen or even out on the deck, but with the sound of a great stereo system. Listen to music, the game or a podcast, wherever you need to be.

Sengled Smart LED Lights

I know my dad would love to show off these lights paired with an Echo device, where you can turn them on and off and change to mood lighting with a simple command. We’re living in the future!

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