Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Your Bae Never Knew He Needed

Men's Wardrobe Essentials Your Bae Never Knew He Needed
Getting your man to step up his style game can require a gentle push in the right direction. If you notice his comfort zone starting to close in around him, grab him one (or all) of these men’s wardrobe staples with Cash Back at Ebates. These fashionable yet functional must-haves for men will easily elevate his look without scaring him off from the latest trends.

The Jogger Pant

jogger pantsSweat pants with swagger — that’s exactly what joggers are. If your guy is regularly caught in the light of day wearing his favorite sweat pants or pajama bottoms, insist he try these. If women can rock fancy leggings by day, dudes should have the luxury of comfortable yet fashionable joggers.

The Floral Tie

floral tieWedding season is right around the corner. Instead of spending beaucoup dollars on a whole new suit, get him a floral tie to refresh his formal wear. And, yes, remind him even the most macho men can wear florals. They’re just plants, for goodness sake!

The Slim Suspender

gray suspendersBlazers used to be at the top of all menswear essentials lists since they can easily dress up his favorite tee and jeans — but so can suspenders! They are a great alternative in hot weather, and they’re arguably more comfortable than a belt.


The Patterned Tee

patterned teeGraphic and striped men’s tees are a dime a dozen, making tees in any other pattern one of our favorite men’s wardrobe essentials. They are perhaps the easiest and most comfortable way to make a statement this spring.

The Linen Short

linen shortsGive your man the gift of clothes that are actually meant to be wrinkled! Linen shorts not only keep him cool, but also give his look a breezy, laid-back vibe.

The Undercover Active Tee

active teeThis isn’t his typical gym look. A top that lays like a T-shirt yet absorbs like an active tee is the perfect solution for the guy who hates wardrobe changes.

The Denim Bomber

denim bomberName a more perfect union than a denim jacket and a bomber. We’ll wait. This style is rugged with a timely twist that is perfect for a casual weekend.

The Hooded Shirt

hooded shirtHe can wear it as a button-down or over his tee as a light jacket. Versatility is key to finding menswear staples he will absolutely love.

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