Fabulous Fall Sweaters Under $30 You Can’t Live Without

woman wearing a sweater for fall

Summer is coming to a close. Now we have colorful leaves, spiced drinks, and cool weather to look forward to. Those chilly days out in the sun are perfect for wrapping up in a warm, comfy sweater and rocking that fall fashion look. But you want to do more than keep from shivering – you want to keep from breaking the bank before the holidays roll around.

Fashion can be frugal. Here are a few of the absolute must-have fall sweaters – gorgeous, spunky, and all under $30.


V Neck Batwing Sleeve Loose Sweater

Must-Have Fall Sweaters Under $30 7

Some looks never go out of fashion. With its extremely warm wool look matched to a style perfect for reclining under a tree with a good book or setting out on the town to see some unexplored parts of the city, this sweater is sophisticated, casual, and most of all – comfy! The airy sleeves are perfect for keeping you mobile with an extra bit of flair, and the neutral color will go with any outfit. Just pull it over your blouse when you want a bit of extra style and warmth, and you’re ready to go for just $23.99. You can get it at an even more frugal price by using coupons from Ebates plus Cash Back.


Longline Button-Down Cardigan
Must-Have Fall Sweaters Under $30 6

Something airy, easy to throw on if you’re in a hurry, and most importantly, something comfy to tug around you when the autumn chill catches in the air, this cardigan is slimming, soft, and super fashionable. The warm wine color is a perfect addition to any of your light colored outfits, and when you feel like curling up in your favorite nook with a book or Netflix, pull up the full hood to complete the cozy picture while keeping your ears toasty. With a price of $14.90 at Forever 21, it’s easy to match this up with a new pair of ankle boots without cutting into your Christmas savings thanks to Cash Back at Ebates.


Grey High Neck Cable Knit Sweater

Must-Have Fall Sweaters Under $30 8

Nothing beats those really chilly days or those windy weekends when you cuddle up with a warm drink and low lighting – and for those days, this sweater will keep you extra warm and extra cozy. With a thick, wool-like knit design, it’s all the classy and cute you can find in chic gray color. Featuring braided patterns up the arms and the front, it’ll keep you looking classic while the warm, high collar provides a lean, prestigious look. Perfect for a formal event or for meeting up with friends, it’s a great savings option for its price of $24.17 and for its ability to keep you warm in both fall and winter!


Sweater Tank

blue sweater tank

If you’re looking for double the sweater for double the combo options and warmth, then this tank-top style sweater is perfect for a customized outfit. With its slim design, it’s great on its own if the weather isn’t too chilly or if you’re hanging out indoors by a warm fire. It comes in both blue and white at a frugal price of just $29.99, so you can buy it in both colors, or order a jacket to achieve that layered look. Ultra soft and extra warm, if the sun comes out and the breeze stops, you can slip off your sleeves and let your shoulders take in some rays without getting too cold or too warm. As an added bonus, if you use a coupon from Ebates, you can save even more on the tank or get a great price on a second, heavier sweater.


Draped Tassel Sweater Shawl

Must-Have Fall Sweaters Under $30 1

With free-flowing sleeves and more than a touch of elegance, this light design will really catch people’s attention. The dusty rose color is a perfect transition from summer to fall. It’s soft, it’s airy, and it’s especially ideal during those not-quite-cold and not-quite-hot days where you want the perfect sweater to look great when you’re not sure about the weather. Whether you choose to use it as a wrap or a scarf, this is a perfect grab-and-go piece that will make you look effortlessly cool.  At just $15.90 from Forever 21, it’s irresistible as both a fashion statement and a deal.

woman sitting by a fire in a fall sweater

Keep warm and stay fashionable this fall by adding these beautiful sweaters to your wardrobe, all for under $30.

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