8 New Things You Can Learn Online In 2021

The start of a new year is a great time for growth, and if you’re looking for new things to learn in 2021, your options are almost endless, especially when it comes to online learning. Whether you’re wanting to pick up a new hobby, learn a trade, brush up on your professional development or do something entirely off the beaten path, there’s a resource out there for you. Need a few ideas to get started? Here are eight things you can learn online in 2021.

Learn a helpful skill

Udemy is similar to Coursera, but it’s more of an open marketplace for just about any skill you can think of rather than mainly focusing on professional development. There are thousands of courses to choose from in Udemy’s catalog, so sign up, pick a new thing to learn and get started today.

Learn how to bartend

There are countless videos out there from professional bartenders looking to help you brush up on your cocktail-making skills at home. From one-off recipes to courses that cover the basics you need behind the bar, you can learn all that you need to know online. Or, you could take a masterclass in cocktail training and menu creation with International Open Academy. Learn the history of mixology, proper pouring technique, how to mix flavors and more.

Learn to code

Codeacademy was founded as a free resource to teach anyone how to code in a variety of popular programming languages. The company has grown considerably since its founding and now offers different levels of access including premium paid courses. If you’re looking for a unique and useful thing to learn, this is it.

Learn to play guitar

Fender, one of the biggest guitar brands in the world, has an incredibly popular app that can help anyone learn to play guitar, bass or ukulele. Simply sign up, choose your instrument and pick the style of music you want to learn. It’s great for beginners and intermediate players.


Focus on professional development

Coursera is an online learning and professional development resource where you learn just about anything. It offers certificate courses, online master’s degrees from accredited universities and mini curriculums on a variety of topics. Just search for the specialty you want to learn and sign up.

Learn a new language

Join more than one million people across the world who’ve learned a new language with Babbel. As one of the first language-learning apps in the world, you can be confident you’re getting lessons that will stick. Pick your language and try a free lesson today.

Unleash your creativity

CreativeLive is an online community and platform for creators from all walks of life. It offers access to live courses with top artists, musicians, experts and more, all for an affordable, annual fee. If you’re looking for interesting things to learn, CreativeLive is the place to do it.

Learn project management

This might seem like a specialized skill, and it may feel outside your wheelhouse, but project management is something most of us rely on each day at work, no matter the role or profession. Brain Sensei took boring project management courses and made them fun with a unique formula anyone can get behind.

Each service or learning tool on this list is a Rakuten partner, so you can learn a brand new skill and earn Cash Back at the same time. Of course, you’ll have to be a member to earn rewards, so sign up today. It’s free, easy and only takes a few minutes to join.

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