5 Outdoor Party Tips for Unforgettable Summer Gatherings

Young people having a barbecue

Every season has its upsides when it comes to party planning, but it’s pretty much a given that summer is the best season for throwing an outdoor party, especially if you’re not sure you even know how to throw a party. The best thing about outdoor parties is that they’re great for first-timers because ample food and drink choices, warm weather and the availability of your guests is pretty much a given. But even when the odds are ever in your favor, it can still be a little intimidating to host an outdoor party. That’s why we’ve collected our top five outdoor party planning tips and paired them with five great stores, so you can easily stock up on everything you need for a great time. Start your supplies shopping at Ebates to save big on your bash and earn Cash Back on all of your party planning essentials.

Drinks with straws on a table1. Keep It Simple

Above all else, the number one summer party tip is to keep it simple. Plan a menu that can be prepared and served all at once, can be cleaned up easily and avoids the need for oven or hot-top cooking. Don’t go nuts with a theme and don’t over-think the playlist. For a runaway success, pare your party down to the bare essentials: something to eat, something to drink, something to talk about and somewhere to sit. The first three are up to you, but for the best in outdoor furniture, check out Home and Patio Décor Center and use a patio décor promo code when you buy to get great savings. Not only does Home and Patio Décor Center have a huge variety of outdoor furniture from portable to permanent, but they also carry all the extras like landscape lighting, unbreakable dishware, outdoor rugs and more.

String lights hanging from a tree2. Let Nature Be Your Decorator

Let’s face it. There is no better decorator than Mother Nature. With seasonal flowers and greenery all around, items like streamers, balloons, flags or other party store decorating ideas can simply be finishing touches. Summer parties are all about comfort and ease so let your party decorations reflect that. Walk around your yard, your neighborhood or your local park to see what you can find to decorate your party naturally. Big bold foliage like tall grasses or leafy branches accent a table well, and small colorful leaves make great subtle accents. Of course, the best way to guarantee all-natural summer party décor is to plant your own blooms, herbs and plants. Check out Burpee Gardening to get all the tips, tools, seeds and supplies you need to make sure your summer parties are full of color.

Friends dancing in the backyard3. Connect Inside and Outside

Even on the most beautiful summer day, any party needs a connection to the indoors for essentials like electricity, restrooms and running water. But you don’t want the party vibe to get lost in the transition from inside to out so find a way to connect them by leaving windows open, playing the same music indoors as out or even take everyday furniture outside. Aim to keep the indoor lighting subtle and indirect. Whether it’s evening or mid-day, a cool, dim indoors makes a good partner with an outdoor party. Shop Light in the Box for great deals on string lights, novelty lights, faux flames and more dimmable lighting ideas with incredible shipping offers.

4. No Idle Hands

Everybody wants to help when it comes to a summer party. Leave a few things undone that early-comers can lend a hand with such as plugging in the string lights, filling ice buckets, bringing out the yard games or setting up the sound system. It’s just busy work, of course, but it will give people a chance to mingle, meet and start their own conversations while you mix cocktails and heat up the grill. To find everything you need to make set-up a snap, no matter who’s doing it, head to Shindigz with a summer promo code. There you can save big on all the gear, games and goods you need to keep your guests entertained.

5. One Good Thing Leads to Another

Every party leaves something behind and the best thing you can do is be sure to separate out what you could use for the next shindig. Don’t just toss those few paper plates or plastic cups, they will come in handy next time. Try to save what you can of leftovers by freezing, or pack your guests to-go bags like party favors. Cut down on clean-up by organizing ahead of time where trash, recycling, food scraps and leftovers will go. For food and party supplies storage solutions, your one-stop shop is The Container Store where you can find everything from storage bins to ice cube trays.

What are your favorite outdoor party tips? Tell us in the comments below!



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