12 Outdoor Toys to Engage Cooped-Up Kids of All Ages

Kids are little balls of energy on a normal day, let alone during this time when we’re all staying at home to flatten the curve. There are only so many ways to keep them entertained indoors, so you might be looking for a change of pace. That’s where this list comes in. Below, I’ve rounded up 12 great outdoor toys for kids of all ages, so you can order up a little backyard fun and keep your sanity at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Cottage Play House

A mini playhouse is a classic outdoor toy and will keep your kids entertained for hours. We used to have one when I was young and we’d spend all day out in the yard. It’s also easy to keep an eye on your little ones because they’ll be playing in or around the mini house. The durable plastic is easy to wash, and this model folds up for storage once playtime is over.

Cascading Cove Sand & Water Table

Our daughter has a water table similar to this, and she absolutely loves it. When it comes to outdoor playsets for toddlers, I can’t recommend a water table enough. You’ll want to pick one that comes with accessories like this 2-in-1 sand and water table, which you can fill with sand or water. It’s a great choice for kids who are experiencing a lack of stimulation.

Simba Toys Bubble String Game

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about toddlers in our relatively short time as parents, it’s that they love bubbles. This bubble string game is pure, simple outdoor fun. If you’ve never used one before, you dip the string into a tray of bubble solution then let the wind do the rest. When it comes to outdoor toys for kids, simple is often best.

Ages 3-4

Activity Parachute

You might remember this outdoor toy from your days on the schoolyard. This eight-foot play parachute will help your kids with hand-eye coordination and learning colors, all while they are having an absolute blast. It folds up for simple storage once you’re done for the day.

Crayola® Colored Drawing Chalk

Like I mentioned with the bubbles, outdoor toys for kids don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes a little sidewalk chalk is all you need to put an end to boredom and prevent a complete and total meltdown. Your kids can grab their favorite color and unleash their inner artist. While they’re busy doodling, you can write a thank you message to your delivery driver, our healthcare heroes and essential workers.

Chillafish BMXie2 Balance Bike

Now is a really good time to teach your kids new things like riding a bike! Fortunately, the task is easier than ever with a balance bike. These durable, affordable bikes have weights inside to counterbalance the weight of your little one, so they can remain upright without training wheels. It allows them to get familiar with the act of balancing in a safe and fun way.


Ages 5-7

Inflatable Bounce House Castle

A bounce house is the ultimate outdoor playset in my book and your kids won’t disagree. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood and provide hours of inflatable fun. What’s not to love? A friend of mine recently purchased a similar bounce house for her kids and was finally able to get some work done while they released energy outside. You can’t put a price on peace and quiet.

Splash Missiles

I remember playing with these back in the day, and they are just as fun now. For the uninitiated, the splash missile is a foam and fabric football that you soak in water and toss back and forth. It’s an extra fun outdoor water toy for kids that is cheap and practical. Think of it as a water balloon fight, but better. After a long day of running around in the yard catching this thing, everyone will be tuckered out.

Intex Easy Set Pool

A kiddie pool is a solid choice for outdoor fun, especially this version, which is big enough for a small family. It goes without saying that you should always supervise your kids while they are around a pool, but you can relax close by as they splash away the day. It’s also easy to deflate and fold up when you’re finished.

Ages 8+

Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster

Older kids need to have some fun, too, and I’m recommending Nerf because they’ve never let me down. These days, Nerf guns are a far cry from the basic hunks of plastic we had as kids. The modern, high-powered versions come with masks, ammo containers and more. They’re still as safe as ever, just with a little more oomph.

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Race Set

Turn your backyard into an aspiring ninja’s dream with an American Ninja Warrior outdoor playset. This one contains everything you need to get started, and you can get creative using what you have around the house to add to the fun.

Swimways® Kelsyus® Premium Ladder Ball Game Set

If you’ve never played ladder ball, you’re missing out. This fun game involves tossing a piece of rope with two golf-balls on either end at a three-rung “ladder” target. You earn points based on which rung you hit, and points are subtracted if your opponent lands their rope on the same rung. It’s a perfect outdoor toy for big kids and parents alike.

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