Planning a Bachelorette Party that Won’t Break the Bank

Bachelorette party making a toast for the bride

So you and your girls can’t quite afford a six-person flight to Ibiza, Cancun, or Paris, lounging in the spa of a 5-star hotel by day and sipping $100 bottles of champagne in an upscale VIP lounge by night. So what? You don’t need to be rich or max out your credit cards to throw a killer bachelorette party. All you really need is the company of friends and a little imagination.

Using Ebates makes it even easier, with Cash Back and exclusive promo offers that make snagging sweet deals on party basics a piece of cake. Read on for some awesome and budget-friendly ideas that will help you throw a bachelorette party that’s positively unforgettable.

Road Trip

A stellar getaway could be just down the road. Hop in the car or pool your funds to rent a van if you’ve got a larger group. If you live in a rural area, you may want to head into the city for a night of bar crawling. To save some extra cash, plan ahead and ask to stay with a friend or relative who lives in town, or split the cost and share a budget motel room. You can find some sweet deals at If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and opt for somewhere a bit more tranquil, take a trip to the seaside and rent a cabin or head out to the woods, pitch your tents, and roast some s’mores over the campfire.

Opt for Independently Owned Shops

Getting pampered doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. Opt for local, independently owned spas, massage parlors, or nail and hair salons. Not only will you walk away feeling revitalized and beautified, you’ll also have peace of mind as these establishments are typically less expensive and often more attentive. You can also find some excellent deals for anything from manicures to facial treatments via Groupon.

Woman playing paintball holding paintball gunPaintball

No two brides are exactly the same. While one may prefer a day filled with mimosas and manicures, another may be keen on something with a bit more action. Paintball is a not only a ton of fun, it’s also a great way to bond. For some extra laughs, take a cue from the “trash the dress” trend and wear old bridesmaid dresses to the range. Celebrate afterward with some victory cocktails.

Five women in face masks holding champagne glasses, one wearing veilSleepover

Remember as a kid when you begged your parents to let you sleep over at a friend’s house? There was nothing more exciting than the prospect of bunking with your best pals, scarfing down all the pizza and ice cream your little heart desired, and staying up late watching movies and swapping stories. Recreate those nights of revelry for an equally thrifty and fun night in. Swap out the cream soda for some more grown-up beverages like cocktails or wine, and break out the facials and hair masks for some late-night DIY beauty treatments. Find awesome deals on polish and other essentials at Sally Beauty Supply.

Game Night

Whether the bride is more into pinball or poker, there’s sure to be a game she and the rest of the bridal party can enjoy. You don’t have to be a high roller to have some high times at the casino or at home. Even if your budget may not be able to bear the weight of the more risky high-stakes games, you can still have plenty of fun on a penny-pincher’s budget. If you’re heading to the casino, check out the penny slots — they’re not just fun for seniors. Or host the party at a bridesmaid’s place and set up a game night with all of your friends’ favorites. Mix in some drinking games for a little extra fun.


Few things are more befitting of a girls’ night out than karaoke. Like wine and chocolate, or the bride and her groom, the two make a perfect pair. Save some cash by getting the bride mildly tipsy with a few pre-game cocktails before heading out to your nearby karaoke bar. If she’s a bit more reserved, try a couple of duets for a warm-up before encouraging the woman of the hour to show off her pipes in a solo performance. 

Craft Party

The seemingly endless cache of inspirational craft ideas available on sites like Pinterest is proof you don’t have to be the queen of crochet to enjoy good old-fashioned crafting. Grab some blank scrapbook albums and stickers — you can find these for just a couple of bucks at Michaels. Break out some old photos of the bride and friends throughout the years, and make a sweet collection of memories you’ll all cherish for years to come.

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