9 Products for Cute and Quick Halloween Costumes

Although it may be tempting to go overboard on a luxe Halloween costume, you really need only a few key components and a little creativity to pull together a look on the quick. From wigs to crowns, sometimes it’s all in the accessories. Here are nine products for a cute and quick Halloween costume.

Adult Allure Multi-Color Wig

Wigs are the easiest way to rock a new look. This glamorous white-and-purple wig is a simple but transformative way to make a major statement this Halloween.

Glitter Hair Spray

If you don’t want to invest in a wig or go wild with dye, this spray-on glitter is both otherworldly and easy. No matter what you’re dressing up as, the metallic shimmer adds a cosmic edge.

Spider Face Art Decals

Eerie yet endearing, these easy-to-apply face decals are extravagant enough to be a full costume. Wear them with an all-black ensemble to let the decals take center stage.

Mermaid Starfish Headband

This mermaid headband is a fairy tale alternative to standard cat ears. It makes every outfit just a bit more magical.

Deer Makeup Kit

One of the most enchanting woodland creatures also makes for a cool Halloween costume. This kit has everything you need to do a deer face.


Red Satin Cape

Capes make everything cooler. Throw one on over any outfit and you have an instant storybook look — and the ultimate lazy hack.

Sunflower Hood

Who doesn’t love flowers? Brighten up everyone’s Halloween with this goofy flower hood.

White Feather Angel Wings

Angel wings elevate any look. These fluffy, feathery ones are both celestial and ethereal.

Metal King’s Crown

Make your regal nature known with this fun crown. It’s always fun to be king.

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