Welcome to Big Give Week (15% Cash Back at 500+ stores!)

rakuten big give

From May 10-17, you get some big Cash Back. Like 15% big. Every day. For eight days. Which is longer than a calendar week, but no one complains about a baker’s dozen of donuts, so we thought we’d try it out. We’re talking the biggest Cash Back of the year at Samsung, Nike, JCPenney and more. So, get that pair of strappy sandals you want. Make counter space for a stand mixer. Buy throw pillows in bulk. Because this week is a big deal full of big deals. So, get ready for Rakuten’s Ginormous Hugely Massive Larger-than-Large Colossal Not-Even-A-Little-Small Big Give Week. 

Which is maybe too big for the website.

Let’s just call it Big Give Week.

Don’t forget to let friends know that it’s Big Give Week and they can earn 15% Cash Back at hundreds of stores. There’s no better time for them to join Rakuten. Whether they’re picking up daily essentials or making a special purchase, there are countless ways to earn big Cash Back. For a short time, you and your friends will each get $40 after they join Rakuten and spend $40. They’ll be thanking you after getting their first Big Fat Check, and we bet you’ll be smiling when you get yours.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to referral bonuses. We want everyone to join the Cash Back fam, and we need your help to make it happen. Refer friends by May 17 to score those $40 bonuses!

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