How to Say Goodbye to Summer With a Glamping Trip

Young couple wrapped in blanket camping

Camping is not for everyone. The bugs. The heat. The agony. But your knack for modern conveniences doesn’t need to deter you from a wondrous weekend in the great outdoors. That’s where glamping comes in.

Glamping, a pithy mashup of glam and camping, is the new way to enjoy Mother Nature without giving up what you love so dearly. And with fantastic glamping gear on the rise, you’re bound to see more of it. You don’t have to hit up the sometimes pricey glamping resorts in order to enjoy the finer style of camping. DIY glamping is a welcomed alternative for frugal-minded readers at Ebates who love to earn Cash Back on every purchase. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the sights and sounds with the comforts you crave. Here’s our list of glamping essentials to get you started off right.

Big green camping tentSpacious Living

Who says camping has to be spent inside a sleeping bag in a cramped tent? Let’s face it, a 5-person tent will comfortably hold three at most. But space doesn’t have to be an issue with a multi room tent from Walmart. The larger spaces allow you to fit multiple air mattresses so you’re comfortably off the ground. You can even designate a space for inside eating, assuming you didn’t actually meet the 12-person capacity of some of the bigger tents. Some glamping tents even have vents that conveniently fit a small air-conditioning unit!

Culinary Cuisine

Building a fire is a hassle and a skillset not all possess. A camp stove makes life easier, but one that also charges your phone makes for a happy glamper. Use a promo code and score a sweet camp stove from Newegg that uses renewable energy (versus the cumbersome and costly canisters most camping stoves use) and features a convenient charging port for any USB device.

Clean & Carefree

If you’re not living large in glamping trailers, a nice shower will seem like a luxury. But walk into campsite showers and the thought of cleanliness may seem like a long shot. The folks over at Camping World have plenty of shower systems that even include hot water, so you can take warm water with you anywhere you camp out.

Camping movie screenWell Entertained

Even those who enjoy camping will tell you that when the sun sets, the good times kind of come to a stop. But the general lack of lighting can play in your favor if you wanted to set up a late night movie screening. Of course toting along the flat panel might be a bad idea. Instead opt for a great movie screen available at Cabela’s that you can hang from the trees or prop up on legs. Bring your projector and Bluetooth speaker and cast movies on your own private big screen. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

Decorative outdoor throw pillowsFrilly & Fanciful

No glamping trip is complete without a few homey accessories to liven up the spot. Score some outdoor throw pillows at to bring comfort and color to your new home away from home. All of the glamping essentials you need to breathe life into the space are just a click away. Pick up the glamping accessories you need for your next outing and tell us all about your outdoor glamping adventures in the comments below!

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