Portable Single-Serve Brewers for Your Kind of Morning

When you’re having the kind of morning where you’ve barely brushed your hair, you don’t have time to wait for a drip, drip, drip coffeemaker. These brewers are good for small spaces, taking on the go or making coffee at your desk if you need to. Something else I like about single-serve brewers is that taking them apart and cleaning them is a simpler process, and a few feature bottle and brewer as one jar. Don’t drink coffee? Loose-leaf tea and water infusers have some beautiful, portable solutions.  

Single-Cup Connoisseur

Maybe you know enough coffee fanatics to not be surprised that there is an Olympics of single-cup coffee making and the gold goes to the Aeropress. There are some hard-core fans of this very simple gadget, which uses an airtight suction seal as part of its magic, and there are detailed, award-winning, step-by-step instructions for the exact kind of coffee quality you could want for every variety of brew.

Campfire Barista

If you can’t live without your espresso even when you’re off the grid, the MiniPresso is your gadget. This single-serve espresso maker does not require electricity, just some manual labor. The function is very similar to the Aeropress, with a stronger espresso shot.

Unfussy Fuel-Up

Here’s the real grab and go. The Full Circle Brumi bottle is a single-serve coffeemaker in which brewer and bottle are one, so you don’t need to remember a mug or scrub the scum off the one in the office kitchen. The double-walled bottle is the perfect size and is good for keeping your hands safe from hot temperatures. If you think ahead, you can do a cold brew the night before and take it out of the fridge as you run out the next morning.


Fancy Hydration

The Tia Infuser encourages your H2O consumption with its cold-water tea bottle. If you prefer a citrus wake-up, you can use it as a fruit infuser too. That way, you can pretend you went to the spa for that cucumber-strawberry water instead of spending all morning doing errands.

Zen Tea Moment

The Magisso teacup design isn’t only charming for its good looks — it’s functional too. The filter can handle even fine, loose-leaf teas, and it pops out easily for cleaning. You can play with the strength of your steeping by adjusting the tilt or reuse the same leaves for more than one cup.

Road Trip Convenience

The Cafflano Klassic would be the single-serve coffeepot to tote around during the zombie apocalypse. The stainless steel tumbler is insulated to keep your coffee hot, and the lid actually contains a hand-crank grinder. But truly, this is a traveling coffee machine that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

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