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sbsheaderAh, November, the month of best intentions. This is the year you’re going to get to the specialty stores early and get everyone sentimental gifts! But more often than not, all of the sudden it’s the third week of December and you find yourself at the grocery store at 11 p.m., frantically grabbing gift cards to restaurants you hope the recipients have in their town. Luckily, Small Business Saturday exists to help you save time and stress, and with more small specialty businesses participating, it’s easy to keep “sentiment” on your shopping list.

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Handmade Gifts

Whether it’s a hand-carved puffin necklace for your bird-enthusiast cousin or crocheted toilet paper from your feisty Nana who likes a good joke, there are several companies that help artists and crafters sell their goods. Each individual seller sets his or her own Small Business Saturday discount, but most participate. Of these companies, Etsy is your first stop when it comes to finding original gifts. With more than 12.3 million products available, it has something for everyone. Another great resource for handmade goods by individual merchants is DaWanda. This company is based in Germany, so keep in mind that shipping could take a little longer if you’re in the United States. Zibbet is holding its own as well, and though it only has 145,000 products listed, its sellers offer unique merchandise. Bonanza has “everything but the ordinary” and is featured right here at Ebates. This site is a great place to find limited and vintage products. Finally, while significantly smaller than the aforementioned companies, iCraft sets itself apart by requiring all merchandise to be handmade.

Geeky T-shirts

Being a “geek” or a “nerd” has been cool for a while now, and wearing your “nerdy” interests on clever T-shirts is not only accepted in some circles but recommended. The Internet has you covered when you’re looking for gifts that feature the specific interests of your quirky friends and family. ThinkGeek is a fantastic nerd-friendly company that has great apparel, accessories, and gifts. Geeks Are Sexy is another great stop for non-mainstream T-shirts; like Etsy, Geeks Are Sexy supports individual sellers who create their own Small Business Saturday deals. You can find discounts to Zazzle throughout the year at Ebates. This site lets you personalize and customize apparel, and has terrific Small Business Saturday deals. Lastly, Busted Tees is a great, affordable place to grab clever apparel. It not only participates in Small Business Saturday but usually has ongoing deals where the more you buy, the more you save.

boardgamesBoard Games

Board games are not just a great holiday gift; they can also help create family traditions if you get a new game to play together as a family every year. Each year offers tons of new games to choose from. lists stores with new and unique games, and directs you to its individual sites, many of which have Small Business Saturday discounts. is a must for anyone uncertain about what games to get. This site not only offers a daily discount on various games but also has a questionnaire to help you find a game that’s just right for you. If you’re nostalgic and have a soft spot for the games you played as a kid, eBay is a great resource. Ebates offers many discounts, as do individual sellers, so you can find some great Small Business Saturday markdowns.


Whether you’re shopping on a budget or shopping for someone who likes interesting and unique jewelry, small-shop jewelry makers are the way to go. BaubleBar is a favorite for jewelry lovers because the accessories are unique and the prices are reasonable even before the Small Business Saturday discount. Bluefly, as seen on Ebates, has some of the best designer discounts in clothes and shoes, as well as a strong jewelry department. Uncommon Goods has some great, unique gifts for everyone in your family, but its jewelry is particularly interesting. And finally, By Boe is another small jewelry site that offers beautiful and unique jewelry with the added karma bonus being 5% of purchases goes to Women for Women, a charity that helps female survivors of war.

Although “it’s the thought that counts” is an old adage, it still rings true today. Don’t let yourself get bogged down with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Take advantage of these great novelty discounts the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and bask in the stress-free knowledge that your loved ones have great and thoughtful gifts this holiday season.




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