Stores You’ll Love if You Like Amazon

Amazon is the go-to online retailer for many people, but did you know there’s a world of retailers out there that offer the same variety, prices and even fast shipping? Imagine everything you love about Amazon from a plethora of brands you love with Cash Back! Check out our recommendations.

short arrow Fashion

Shop fashion apparel, shoes and accessories for the whole family from top brands like Nike, Levi’s and New Balance, offering the latest trends for every season. 

short arrow Health & Beauty

Find all your makeup, skincare and hair care needs at these beauty retailers offering everything from high-end beauty brands to drugstore makeup brands with Cash Back.

short arrow Home Essentials

Make sure you home only contains the best and safest products for your family at prices you love, plus discover some new brands to fall in love with while you’re at it.

short arrow Pantry

Fill your pantry with goods for the whole family, from coffee and wine for the adults and snacks, sweets and flavored waters for the kids.


short arrow Baby & Kids

Let your kids’ imagination run wild with toys, tools and fun to keep their minds curious and learning for hours on end.

short arrow Pets

Even your furry friends need to be pampered every once in a while, and our pet retailers offer everything you need to make that happen. 

short arrow Office & Electronics

Whether you’re working from home or waiting until 5 PM to put on a movie with a new surround sound system, get Cash Back on tech goods to enjoy your days.

short arrow Streaming & Entertainment

Turn a simple movie night into a movie night of all your favorite shows, movies, documentaries and music.

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