The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Like Clutter

Mother’s Day is on the way, which means you’ll be trying to find a great gift that will make your mom smile. If she hates to have a cluttered home, it can be hard to find the perfect gift that won’t mess up her flow. Thankfully, thoughtful gifts don’t have to conform to tradition. If your mom has no use for ornaments and trinkets and she doesn’t want jewelry, there are plenty of creative gifts you can give her to avoid cluttering her home. Some could even help her keep it just the way she likes it!

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

When considering a Mother’s Day gift, most people think of traditional options such as flowers, perfume, ornaments and jewelry. These are only good gifts, however, if the person you give them to will enjoy and use them. The main thing to consider is what gift will be right for your mom — and if she likes her home clutter-free, you should go with something practical, edible or experience-based.

If your mom hates to have clutter in her home, there are some basic things to take into account before picking a gift. First, think about whether there is something you could give her that she actually needs. A new vacuum may not seem like a great gift, but she may appreciate it more than a vase or ornament if it’s something she truly needs. Second, would she prefer an experience or something consumable? If she has a favorite perfume or has always wanted to take a local distillery tour, that may be a more thoughtful gift. At the end of the day, the best gift is one you know your mom will like.

12 Great Gift Ideas for Moms Who Don’t Like Clutter

There are dozens of gifts that can show your mom how much you love her without messing with her home decor. This handy gift guide will help you to find your clutter-phobic mom a minimalist gift that will make her smile.

  1.     A cosmetics mini fridge or organizer

A clean and tidy dressing table can make you feel like you have everything under control. If your mom loves skin-care and beauty products but hates to have things lying around, a beauty mini fridge or cosmetics organizer could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. A mini fridge will keep her creams and serums cool and prevent them from expiring early, while an organizer will keep her powders, lipsticks and foundations tidy while not in use. Perfect for minimalist moms!

  1.     A Pyrex set

It may not seem like a great gift — a set of Tupperware is pretty boring — but if your mom is a domestic goddess who loves to keep everything organized, a practical gift like this could make her happier than something sentimental but ornamental. Pyrex is known for durability, reliability and versatility. Many of its dishes are dishwasher- and oven-safe, so your mom can cut down on clutter and still make and store those healthy meals and decadent treats she loves.

  1.     A spa day gift certificate

A nice, relaxing day at the spa with one of her favorite people could be the perfect gift for a minimalist mom. Many spas offer preset packages, but if you want to give your mom full control over her spa treatment, giving her a gift certificate will let her choose whatever she wants. To make the day extra special, go with her and spend some quality time catching up as you destress and relax.

  1.     A homemade gift basket

The problem with premade gift baskets from big stores is that there is no way to guarantee the recipient will enjoy all the items in it. When you build your own basket, however, you can be sure there’s no dead weight. All you need is a nice wicker basket or box you think your mom will use after she has finished the products inside — and then start gathering her favorite things. Pick things she uses on a regular basis. If you want to make a self-care basket, you could include some bubble baths, a Himalayan salt lamp, face masks and serums, a scented candle, some of her favorite snacks and a bottle of wine or craft beer. You could also fill the basket with teas, cookies and other snacks. This is the ultimate personalized gift, and it can be made to suit a range of budgets!

  1.     A new jacket

Sometimes a practical gift is the best gift. Everyone needs a good jacket — especially if you live in a cold climate. Moms spend so much time caring for others, so why not take care of your mom this Mother’s Day with a practical and stylish jacket to keep her dry, warm and elegant? Since it’s a practical, everyday item, it can’t be considered clutter!

  1.     An edible arrangement

Consumable gifts are some of the most accessible items for someone who hates clutter. Edible arrangements are gorgeous and delicious, and there’s no need to find a place for what remains when they’re done. There are dozens of options, but a collection of chocolate-covered fruits tends to be the most popular — especially for moms with a sweet tooth. Try to choose fruits that are in season so they taste as good as possible.

  1.     A customized photo album

Sentimental moms who also hate clutter may find it hard to balance their two sides, but a customized photo album could help by giving her the perfect place to keep all her favorite photos. If you want to make the gift extra special, put your favorite family photo and some of her wedding photos in the album before you give it to her. For extra credit, choose an album she can add extra pockets to as her photo collection grows.

  1.     A compact spice rack

Culinary moms with a plethora of spices who still love to keep a tidy kitchen will appreciate a new spice rack. There are options that can hook onto the backs of cabinet doors or be mounted onto walls, as well as compact, revolving countertop spice racks.

  1.     A dainty birth flower necklace

An everyday piece of jewelry that celebrates your mom is always a good gift. A dainty birth flower necklace will go with most of her outfits and remind her every day that you love and care about her.

  1.   An Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription

Is your mom a book lover? If she has made her way through thousands of books but hates to have a copy of each tome in her home, a subscription to Kindle Unlimited could help her feed her habit without having to buy and sell or donate hundreds of books. If she doesn’t have a Kindle already, that could also be a perfect gift.

  1.   A new jewelry box

Moms with considerable jewelry collections need somewhere safe and beautiful to store their pieces. The benefit of a nice jewelry box is that it will also keep her dressing table clean and tidy. If you want to make it more personal, you can opt for a custom, engraved jewelry box — perhaps with her name or a meaningful quote.

  1.   Her favorite perfume

Sometimes the simplest option is the best. Why not get your mom a bottle of her favorite perfume for Mother’s Day, or a new option based on her scent preferences? It’s a lovely gift with practical uses that will certainly make her smile. If you want extra points, choose a perfume that has a beautiful bottle, too, so it will add a touch of glamour to her dressing table.

This gift list is just a start. There are hundreds of potential gift ideas for moms who detest clutter and like to keep an ordered home. When you think about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, remember that what she really wants is to know you love her and care about her. Anything else is just a bonus!

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FAQs — Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Hate Clutter

How can I make Mother’s Day special with no money?

If your budget is incredibly tight this Mother’s Day, focus on giving her an enjoyable and relaxing day. Try something as simple as breakfast in bed, a pretty card and some flowers before you spend the day chatting and simply enjoying quality time together. That is often more precious than any gift could be!

What do you get someone who doesn’t like clutter?

The best gifts to give people who hate clutter are consumable gifts, practical gifts and experience-based gifts. If a gift can be eaten or used in some way or it’s centered on making memories, it should not be a problem for people who hate clutter.

What can you get a picky mom on Mother’s Day?

If your mom is picky, the best gift may be something she can get practical use out of or something you already know she likes, such as a Kindle if she loves to read or a perfume you know is her all-time favorite.

What are the four types of clutter?

There are four basic kinds of clutter: sentimental, painful, sunk-cost and self-worth. The first is about good memories, the second is about bad memories, the third is about money and the final is about how we view ourselves. If your mom hates any kind of clutter, it may be that she used to have an issue with holding onto unneeded items. Sentimental gifts may seem like a good idea, but they could be a headache for clutter-phobic moms.

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