The Angie’s List Guide to Fall Cleaning

When the leaves and temperatures start falling, we at Angie’s List are making our homes cozy and comfortable for the months ahead. Make sure your fall is fantastic too by letting Angie’s List help you find the best professionals to give your home the seasonal care it needs.

Guide to Fall Cleaning

1. Clean those gutters. Those leaves sure are beautiful, but if you let them collect in your gutters, you risk serious water damage to your house when the gutters overflow. Give yourself with peace of mind by hiring a professional to do a complete cleaning.

2. Love your lawn. Besides spring, fall is the best time to show your lawn a little TLC. With weed control and reseeding, a fully fertilized and aerated lawn will reward you in warmer weather with lush landscaping.

3. Seal the leaks. Be green–and save yourself hundreds of dollars in utilities–by insulating your home and applying weather stripping along any air gaps. A professional home energy auditor will help you save even more money by finding areas of energy loss you may have missed.

4. Service your furnace. An annual inspection will make sure your heat is running efficiently and will warn you of any potential carbon monoxide leaks in the gas line before the furnace kicks into high gear for winter.

5. Check the chimney.  Dreaming of evenings around the fireplace? A good, professional chimney sweep will ensure that your fireplace is fire-worthy and free of any hazards or defects. Then, sign up for local firewood delivery so the fire never dies!

You can rest easy this fall when you hire the right professionals to do the job and save yourself the time and trouble. With Angie’s List, you can find local, quality service providers quickly and easily, along with exclusive, members-only service discounts from a wide range of professionals.

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