15 Things That Happen When You Shop on St. Patrick’s Day

Excitement because of new shoesSt. Patrick’s Day may not seem like your typical retail bonanza like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But as you know, when celebrations and libations are involved, things happen. We at Ebates have put together a possible scenario for how St. Paddy’s Day could play out for those who enjoy a little retail therapy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 🙂

1. First, you craft your strategy in terms of wearing green.

30 Rock hulk hands Liz Lemon GIF
2. You decide to go the subtle route and prepare to remind would-be pinchers at work that green undergarments totally count.

3. They respond with the maturity and professionalism you have come to expect of them.

Elaine from Seinfeld blah blah blah GIF4. You survive the cheesy 4 pm festivities that may or may not include wearing tiny green plastic hats and enjoying a cocktail in the kitchen. (But we bet you didn’t look nearly as adorbz as this little guy.)

Kitten wearing a green hat for St. Patrick's Day GIF5. 5 pm rolls around and it’s finally time to hit the town with a few friends. You try not to run too quickly out of the building.

Ferris Bueller principal running GIF6. On the way to dinner, you pass a few shops. Nothing really catches your eye. But then again, you’ve got other things on your mind.

Pauly Shore Encino Man Munch GIF7. You finally have dinner and a signature green spirit. Feeling full and festive, it is now time to explore the rest of the city.

8. You pass the same boutique you spotted earlier and suddenly, those slingback boots in the window are the cutest shoes you have ever seen.

Sailor Moon love heart eyes GIF

9. You go inside, knowing you are opening a fabulous can of worms. You spot pair after pair of shoes that would surely make your life complete. Somewhere during this frenzy, you ask yourself if you really need so many pairs.

10. You silently engage in a philosophical conversation with yourself about the nature of “need.” If we’re getting technical, you don’t really “need” a single pair of shoes. Shoes are a luxury. You buy shoes because you love shoes. And for some reason, totally unrelated to how many cocktails you have imbibed this St. Paddy’s Day, you really love THESE shoes.

11. You decide to go for it.

Jennifer Aniston live without you GIF12. Because YOLO.

Futurama shut up and take my money Frye GIF

13. You go home. The next day, you wake up to boxes of beauties just waiting to be worn by you and only you.

Brittany Spears happy excited GIF

14. And…receipts…

Nene crying GIF

15. But luckily, you remembered to link In-Store Cash Back offers to your credit card using the Ebates App before buying those new shoes! That means you didn’t miss out on Cash Back while indulging in some impromptu purchases. Guilt-free shopping = Best St. Patrick’s Day ever?

Bob's Burgers yas GIF

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