Throw the Ultimate Party for the Big Game

Hosting a viewing party for the big game? Don’t fumble — score big points with your guests with these tips for ensuring a football party touchdown!

1. Set the mood.

Go beyond wearing your team’s jersey. For your bash, set out themed football party decorations, such as these paper plates. Depending on how your team performs, you’ll be too psyched — or sad! — to do the dishes after the game is over anyway.

2. Keep kids (and some adults) occupied.

Hosting some kids? How about some grown-ups who just aren’t into football? Set them up with a bean bag football game that maintains the spirit of the day and will keep them entertained throughout the night.


3. Get creative with drinks.

Beer may seem like the go-to beverage to serve during the big game, but the designated drivers and non-drinkers in attendance would appreciate something other than water to drink. Mix up some fun mocktails for the teetotalers at the party (this recipe book can help) that are themed to team colors!

4. Keep those game-day snacks coming!

You don’t need to research elaborate, Pinterest-worthy game-day party recipes to keep guests happy. Football food is fried food, so think chicken wings, mozzarella sticks or pizza rolls. And keep those fried treats hot and fresh — and plentiful! — with a deep fryer. (And let’s face it, nobody eats salad during the big game.)

5. Don't forget about what's most important: the game!

Make sure everyone can hear what’s going on by ramping up your home theater game with top-quality speakers.

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