Top Black Friday Sales for Men

If you hope to get a gift for the man in your life this Black Friday, you’re not alone. Many people use Black Friday as a way to maximize their holiday shopping, since it’s one of the last major shopping days of the year before the winter holidays. Plus it’s a great time to get big-ticket items you plan to give your loved ones.

Finding a gift can be difficult, and it’s something many people struggle with. Here are 14 types of item you may want to look out for during Black Friday sales.

1. In-Depth Lore Book

Does the man in your life love a specific fandom or subculture? Is he really invested in “Game of Thrones” or “Silent Hill”? If so, you may be looking for a lore book. These books are an in-depth look into franchises and fandoms, and they can give him some information he’s never heard before, direct him to spin-offs and similar fandoms, and more.

2. Luxurious Throw Blanket

Throw blankets can be a great way to spice up a room and stay cozy during the winter months, but many people stick to department-store throws that cost $10 to $20. If the man in your life loves spending time under a blanket in the living room, consider springing for a luxurious throw made of high-quality fleece or cashmere.

3. Men’s Grooming Set

Whether he’s already fastidious about grooming or you’ve never seen him do it before, a grooming set can be a great way to bolster your man’s habits. If he already loves his grooming routine, you may want to opt for a travel-size set or a specialty item he’s expressed interest in before.

4. Special Hoodie

Hoodies are a no-brainer for people who live in colder climates. They’re effortlessly stylish, great as the weather continues to get cooler and easy to throw on over another outfit. Whether you opt for one with a unique design or one that provides luxurious comfort, a hoodie is a great gift.

5. Camera Bags and Accessories

Is your man a photography buff? Look no further than specialty camera bags and accessories. A great camera bag can last for someone’s entire lifetime, and it can make it easier to take your camera somewhere potentially unsafe for the lenses without worrying about scratches. Spring for a great bag this Black Friday, especially if your man doesn’t have a lot of transportation equipment.

6. Drink Tumbler

Sometimes it’s the small gifts that mean the most, and that may be the case with a high-quality drink tumbler. Tumblers that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold can be a lifesaver if your man loves camping or hiking or if he has a job that takes him on the road frequently. Plus a lot of them come with customization options you can use to personalize the gift.

7. Sports Merchandise

This one is a no-brainer for men who have a sports team they love. Whether there’s a team your man roots for every weekend or a player he always watches, high-quality sports merchandise is the perfect gift. It can be expensive, but Black Friday is a great time to get these products at a lower cost.

8. LED Wall Lights

Does your man have a man cave or a great TV setup — but without lights for the walls or behind the TV? Wall and TV lights are a great fix. Some of the extremely high-quality ones work with Bluetooth, allow the lights to sync to music and offer myriad color capabilities. They’re a great addition to anyone’s setup.

9. Martini Glasses

Martinis are an incredibly refined drink. If your man loves them, consider getting him a set of high-quality martini glasses. The right rim shape and glass design can have an impact on how the martini itself tastes, so you’re actually giving him the gift of a better cocktail.

10. Giant Beanbag Chair

Who doesn’t love a giant beanbag chair? Some of the highest-quality beanbags can be many feet wide, fit multiple people and cost over $1,000. If you find one during Black Friday, however, you may be able to get a discount on a brand-new centerpiece for your living room.


11. RGB Gaming Keyboard

If your man loves his computer but is currently using a stock-standard keyboard, why not treat him to an RGB gaming keyboard? Gaming keyboards can be very expensive because they often have special features that make them better for gaming, plus they can look super cool. Remember that a lot of tech guys already know their preferences, however, so choose carefully.

12. Fitness Tracker

Does your man love the outdoors? Maybe he’s training for a marathon, loves hiking or is always at the gym. No matter what it is, a great fitness tracker can make it easier to track his training experiences. There are plenty of fitness and health trackers on the market, and if you buy two you can track your progress together.

13. Air Fryer

The air fryer is a modern kitchen craze popular among people who love to be in the kitchen. Whether your man loves making dinner for the two of you or prefers not to do much cooking at all, an air fryer could be a great way to upgrade his cooking game.

14. Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are a unique style accessory. They’re super recognizable and great for people who need to handle the sun, but they can be very expensive. If you’re looking to get this style statement piece for your man without breaking the bank, consider buying them on sale during Black Friday.

Tips for Getting a Great Present

Everyone wants to get a great present, but it can be difficult to make sure the gift you’re giving is one the recipient will love. Below are a few tips for finding a great present that will actually be appreciated.

  • Make it personal. Anyone can give an expensive watch, but it will hold more value to the person you’re gifting it to if you know they like a specific brand or style.
  • Be careful giving tech gifts. Tech guys most likely already have a setup they’re happy with, which means they may not use an extravagant monitor or keyboard. Instead, take note of anything he’s been looking at or surprise him with a smart-home product.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for things he’s interested in getting for Christmas. Many people prefer to give you a list of potential presents than have you run around finding your own gift to no avail.
  • Replacing a favorite item is always a safe bet. If your man has mentioned that he’s looking for a replacement for something he already has, buying it will save him time, money and hassle while also showing you listen and care about what he enjoys.


How can I scope out deals before Black Friday starts?

There are two tips many people have for Black Friday shopping. First, have a list of products you want to purchase. If you just blindly shop on Black Friday, you’re more likely to buy an array of items you don’t need. Second, look at Black Friday shopping guides and ads before Black Friday actually starts. Most companies will release their Black Friday shopping guides in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. Check our list of Black Friday Deals for women and men as well as Walmart Black Friday sales.

Is Black Friday the only time I can get deals this Thanksgiving?

Black Friday is well known for its wealth of deals, but it’s not the only time you can discover incredible deals during Thanksgiving and the weekend after. The most well-known secondary holiday is Cyber Monday, which many companies celebrate by providing extremely high online-only deals the Monday after Thanksgiving. If you miss Thanksgiving weekend, you may still be able to get deals on Green Monday — the second Monday in December — when you can get last-minute Christmas gifts at great prices.

How can I make sure this Black Friday offer is actually a great deal?

Start by looking up the item to see whether other retailers carry it at a reduced price. Make sure to look for direct, authorized retailers. Secondhand retailers like eBay may have the product at a reduced price, but these products are usually secondhand or defective and may even be inauthentic, so they’re not a great reference point. If it’s the best price you can find online, that’s a good sign it’s a great deal.

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