Trendy Items on a Budget: Forever 21

Here at Ebates we are all about shopping on a budget. Obviously. When it comes to women’s clothing it sometimes seems impossible to stay on budget and enjoy some of the more fun trends populating our 1700+ stores. Seriously, who has the funds for that? One of our favorite places to snag some super trendy pieces on a budget is a new addition to Ebates – Forever21. While the quality may not be the same as a Macy’s or Nordstrom, the trendiest pieces may not be something you want to wear in the long term. While the country stays bundled up avoiding the Winter blues, we are eyeing some great Spring trends at F21:



Their dress selection is great – sundresses are versatile an comfortable. They have some boho looks, some geometric looks, some ombre dresses, and a handful of classic items.



Learning to layer is a great goal. One of the most important wardrobe items is great outerwear. Forever 21‘s great prices make building an eclectic and versatile outerwear collection a viable option for someone on a tighter budget.  From a play on denim jackets to leather-look sleeves, their collection is trendy and seasonal.



Baubles, baubles, baubles! Forever 21 has a VAST selection of statement necklaces. They do have many more delicate and simple options, but when it comes to getting more bang for your buck, the trendy choices are nearly overwhelmingly tempting.


Forever 21 does offer a great selection of basic jeans, but they also have some very trendy and fun choices like chambray harem pants and tuxedo stripes. Remember – you aren’t paying for quality, but you will get to participate in any and every trend you want.



Forever 21 did recently launch a line of leather shoes – running at about $60 each, they could be amazing quality, but is that worth risking discomfort? Buying shoes online is always tricky. but our team decided to try it out and order a pair, because, hey – $60 leather shoes could just be amazing. Don’t miss out on 2.0% Cash Back on your trendy buys at Forever 21!


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